You won’t be able to resist these international stews that are sure to broaden your horizons


What’s the biggest difference between stews and soups? Stews tend to be richer, heartier and often thicker in texture. Let’s travel the world and discover some unique stews to add to your weekly menu plans.

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The weather is chillier in most parts of the U.S., so we’re cuddling up to soups, stews and chowders more and more. Today we’re taking a trip around the world to discover some of the best stews different cultures have to offer.

1. Portuguese seafood stew recipe

Blog: Skinnytaste

This Portuguese seafood stew is packed with fresh seafood, making it a perfect stew for those living on the coast this winter.

2. Irish beef stew recipe

Blog: I Am a Food Blog

Irish beef stew — a classic — is best served with lots of potatoes.

3. Dominican tripe stew recipe

Blog: Dominican Cooking

Dominican tripe stew, a unique stew made with the underused but delicious tripe, is a rich and thick stew with Caribbean flavors.

4. Swedish lamb stew with pears recipe

Blog: Tori Avey

Since it’s almost pear season, why not make this hearty Swedish lamb stew with pears tonight?

5. Slow cooker Mediterranean beef stew with rosemary and balsamic vinegar recipe

Blog: Kalyn’s Kitchen

This slow cooker Mediterranean beef stew is packed with robust flavors from the herbs and vinegar, which add great dimension and depth of flavor.

6. Oyster stew recipe

Blog: Never Enough Thyme

A New England classic, oyster stew was made on Thanksgiving back in the 1600s.

7. African curried coconut soup with chickpeas recipe

Blog: Eats Well with Others

African curried coconut soup with chickpeas, a fantastic vegetarian option when making stews, showcases African ingredients like curry and coconut milk.

8. Bratwurst and chicken stew recipe

Bring on the German influences with this bratwurst and chicken stew.

9. Spicy goat meat stew recipe

Blog: Dominican Cooking

Goat is one of the most consumed meats in the world, but not in the U.S. Make it a staple in your kitchen with this spicy goat meat stew, popular in the Caribbean.

10. Portuguese stew with lamb meatballs, pork shoulder and garbanzo beans recipe

Portuguese stew with lamb meatballs, pork shoulder and garbanzo beans is another favorite, showcasing lamb, of which you can get American varieties that are inexpensive at times.

11. Persian beef stew with quince (khoresh beh) recipe

Blog: In Erika’s Kitchen

Persian beef stew with quince is a great stew to make when quince is in season. Floral and fragrant, this is an impressive stew.

12. Pork and pumpkin stew recipe

This pork and pumpkin stew is best served atop a generous serving of mashed potatoes — total comfort food.

13. Latin beef stew recipe

Blog: Skinnytaste

Latin beef stew, or carne guisada, is seasoned with cilantro and tomatoes, making this a delicious meal eaten all over Latin American.

14. Slow cooker Emirati lamb stew recipe

Try a new recipe from the Emirates, like this slow cooker Emirati lamb stew.

15. Domoda (Gambian peanut stew) recipe

Blog: The Daring Gourmet

Gambian peanut stew, an African favorite, uses peanut butter to add a smooth and luscious texture to this stew.

16. Moroccan beef stew recipe

Moroccan beef stew is made with prunes and dried apricots, adding a fruity balance to this savory stew.

17. Brazilian fish stew recipe

Blog: What’s Gaby Cooking

We’re loving this Brazilian fish stew with its bright colors and flavors, classic to Brazil.

18. Slow cooker venison bourguignon recipe

A twist on the classic French stew, this slow cooker venison bourguignon will have your home smelling delicious while it cooks.

19. Dutch beef and onion stew recipe

Blog: The Daring Gourmet

Dutch beef and onion stew, best when served with buttery mashed potatoes, will make the Dutch proud.

20. Slow cooker African peanut stew recipe

Simmer this slow cooker African peanut stew all day, and serve it over rice or any other starch. We’re sure your family will love it.

21. Brazilian black bean stew recipe

Blog: Foodie with Family

Brazilian black bean stew, a classic Brazilian favorite, is great when served with a side of white rice and a shredded cabbage salad.

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