Water Candle

Debuff Water Candle
Debuff tooltip Elevated monster spawn fee
Length Infinite whereas in neighborhood

For a whole checklist of candles, see Candle.

The Water Candle is a furniture merchandise that may be positioned or held to extend enemy and critter spawn rates within the space, and emits a low quantity of sunshine. When positioned, it provides close by gamers the Water Candle debuff. Holding a Water Candle doesn’t trigger the debuff icon to show, however nonetheless causes an an identical impact. A number of Water Candles are discovered generally on the cabinets of the Dungeon. They will also be crafted at a Crystal Ball, which is purchased from the Wizard.

The Water Candle debuff will increase all enemy and critter spawn charges by 33%, and will increase the utmost variety of simultaneous on-screen enemies by 50%. The debuff is utilized to any gamers holding or standing inside an oblong space of 170×125[1] () / 100×84 () tiles centered on a Water Candle. With the intention to be thought of “holding” the candle, it have to be within the participant’s hotbar and at the moment chosen; merely being in a participant’s stock is not going to suffice. A number of candles is not going to stack with one another, even when one is positioned and the opposite held. Water Candles can solely be positioned on platforms and flat furniture gadgets like Work Benches and Tables.

Positioned Water Candles might be shut off by urgent the Open / Activate button on them, and can toggle when activated through wiring. Water Candles which can be turned off is not going to activate the Water Candle debuff.

Water Candles can’t be turned off, and don’t act as mechanisms.

The Water Candle’s impact is the other of the Peace Candle, which decreases enemy spawn charges. If a Peace Candle and a Water Candle are energetic on the identical time, neither have any impact on spawn charges. Conversely, the Water Candle’s impact stacks with that of the Battle Potion.

Recipes[edit | edit source]

  • On the  Mobile version, the impact of a positioned Water Candle will stack with that of a held Water Candle.Verify
  • The Water Candle might be positioned underwater, nevertheless it can’t be held underwater. It would give off mild underwater if positioned, however not if held. Nevertheless, it’ll enhance enemy spawn charges underwater, whether or not positioned or held.
  • Water Candles can’t be used to extend the spawn charges of sure events just like the Pumpkin and Frost Moons, or the Goblin and Pirate Invasions, although the rise in spawned enemies nonetheless applies to the Blood Moon and Solar Eclipse.
  • In Space, the Water Candle’s results are far more outstanding, growing the efficient spawn fee from +33% to +167%. That is the one scenario by which the Peace Candle doesn’t absolutely cancel out the Water Candle, however relatively reduces its impact to a spawn fee enhance of +100%. Being in House additionally fully prevents the Peace Candle from canceling out the Water Candle’s enhance of +50% most quantity of simultaneous on-screen enemies.
  • It could assist to gather or flip off all Water Candles discovered within the Dungeon, as doing so will decrease enemy spawn charges within the space.
  • If the participant enjoys fishing, it could usually be helpful to position Water Candles round their city, because it will increase the spawn fee of bait critters like Fireflies and Worms. The NPC presence nonetheless prevents the spawn of hostile enemies.
  • Water Candles might be helpful for farming enemies for uncommon gadgets, for the reason that elevated spawn fee gives extra enemies from which to amass drops.
  • Desktop
    • Proper-clicking will not loot the candle, a pickaxe or drill is now required.
    • Proper-clicking will allow/disable the candle.
    • Space of impact elevated.
  • Desktop
    • Rarity elevated from White to Blue.
    • Crafting recipe added.
    • Positioned and held Water Candle results not stack.
  • Desktop 1.2: Positioned Water Candles additionally enhance spawn fee.
  • Desktop 1.0.5: Water Candles carried in hand not emit mild underwater.
  • Desktop 1.0.4: Enemy spawn fee enhance impact now works appropriately when held.
  • Console 1.0.933.1: ()
    • Rarity elevated from White to Blue.
    • Crafting recipe added.
    • Positioned and held Water Candle results not stack.
  • Console 1.0.750.0: ()
    • Rarity elevated from White to Blue.
    • Crafting recipe added.
    • Positioned and held Water Candle results not stack.
  1. Info taken from the  Desktop supply code, methodology ScanAndExportToMain() in Terraria.SceneMetrics.cs.




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