Use These Tips to Grow Vegetables Indoors

Use These Tips to Grow Vegetables Indoors

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The Spruce / Phoebe Cheong

When gardening indoors, you ultimately control all aspects of the plant’s growth and environment. You maintain its water, soil quality, and, even, manually fertilize the plants. A big plus is that your plants are not at the mercy of the weather or outside critters, and you have vegetables year-round. At the same time, you improve the air quality around you—plants remove carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. 

The biggest challenges of growing edibles indoors include a lack of light levels, pollinating insects, and wind. Wind or proper air circulation is vital for flooding the plant with more carbon dioxide as well as pollinating flowers. Also, no matter if you are inside or out, some bugs and plant diseases can follow your plants if you bring them inside for the winter. 


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