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Top 5 Air Purifier Plants For Indoor Garden

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Air Purifying Plants It is a known fact that plants purify the air by the process of photosynthesis. They take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen but did you know that plants can act as air purifiers by absorbing and expelling toxins from the air? It has been proven by scientific research that there are some plants that can be considered the best indoor plants to have at home because they cleanse the air of impurities. Imagine what a massive boon this discovery of healthy plants is for a pollution infested world were every second person is suffering form respiratory disorders.

If you have a indoor garden these top 5 air purifier plants must be on your ‘must have’ list.

Top 5 Air Purifier Plants For Your Home:

1. Palm Plants: The best plant on this list of ‘palm cleaners’ is Areca palm which is a fairly common plant seen in gardens. Is a potted variety of the original palm tree and has thinner sliced leaves. But the list of healthy plants for home also includes other Lady Palm, Dwarf Date Palm and Bamboo Palm. All these plants are considered great cleansers as they supply humidity to the air inside your house. So all in all with so many choices, the palm variety seems to the best indoor plants to have at home.

2. The Rubber Plant: This is a dwarfed and potted variety of the actual rubber tree from which gum is extracted. It is very efficient in expelling toxins. This is with special reference to pollutants with a base of formaldehyde. The leaves of this plant are thick and deep bottle green in colour. The trouble however is that these leaves are toxic themselves. It doesn’t emit any toxic gases but if you have a toddler or a pet at home then not the ideal air purifier plant for you.

3. Draceana: More famously known as the ‘Janet Craig’ this healthy plant is available in many attractive shapes. Other than the fact that it purifies air, the fact that it looks so bountiful and interesting helps. After all it is an indoor garden we are talking about. There is one popular variety with spiky bottle green leaves that grows tall and another with light green leaves shaded with yellow that grows like a shrub.

4. English Ivy: Are you asthmatic or suffer from an outbreak of allergies? If your answer is yes then this is the best indoor plant for your home. The English Ivy plant is poisonous by itself but the best cleanser for mildew and moldy fungi. For those prone to allergies like sneezing a very good natural remedy.

5. Boston Fern: It is a very popular plant and in all probability you already have it in your garden. Then you ought to know that it is a very potent air purifier that keeps the the air in your house fresh.

Use these special indoor gardening tips and include these air purifier plants in your garden.


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