The best gardening and landscaping tools

The best gardening and landscaping tools


The best electric lawn mower

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The Ego Power+ 20-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower may be electric, but you won’t sacrifice any power or versatility, and it’s much quieter than gas models.

You’ve put so much work into cultivating a beautiful and nourishing garden, so complete the look of your yard with a well-trimmed lawn. The Ego Power+ is our top pick in our guide to the best electric lawn mowers thanks to its excellent combination of functionality, versatility, power, and quiet operating volume.

Insider Reviews senior home and kitchen reporter Owen Burke writes, “The Ego Power+ 20-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower offers the performance of gas but in a convenient cordless electric design. The mower creates 30% less noise than an average gas-powered model, making it more pleasant to use.

Though this mower is electric, it doesn’t sacrifice power or functionality. The three-in-one function allows you to mulch, bag, or use the side-discharge chute. The push-button start is easy to operate and incredibly convenient, and the LED headlights allow you to mow anytime, provided you have no qualms about disrupting your neighbors after dark.”

The battery will charge to full power in about 30 minutes and you’ll get about 55 minutes worth of cutting time, which should be plenty to mow your average lawn. If you’re doing both the front and back in one swoop, you might find yourself chugging along at the end, so it might be best to give it a quick charge in between.

Pros: Powerful motor, quiet operation, charges quickly, folds for storage, five-year warranty

Cons: May not have enough battery life for large lawns, replacement batteries are expensive

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$409.93 from Home Depot


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