Synonyms of handmade |

Synonyms of handmade |

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Housed in a charming handmade latched wooden box, this kit contains all the basics needed for home hand sewing and mending.

This is the perfect middle ground for someone who wants something that looks delicate and handmade, but can’t be bothered to actually, you know, hand wash anything.

The handmade cover and spine are made from 100 percent genuine leather, housing 240 pages of unlined cotton paper that is thick enough to prevent any ink bleeding.

Far from your typical notebook, this leather-bound choice contains 240 pages of handmade cotton paper.

The organisation provides free sanitary napkins to women, they are either handmade cotton napkins or prepared by supporting NGOs in India.

Handmade Japanese window or Shoji paper for repairing leaves, also called Japanese mending tissue.

It could be run by hand if all handmade or featherstitched with tiny stitches.

The society also possesses a remarkable collection of handmade tools.

The old brick floor of the stable he replaced with handmade tiles.

Siens, which waz wonse but an objekt ov wonder and kuriositi, iz now the handmade ov the arts.


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