Syngonium(Arrowhead) indoor air purifying plant & well being advantages

Syngonium(Arrowhead) indoor air purifying plant & well being advantages

syngonium health benefits

Syngonium or Arrowhead plant

Syngonium plant scientifically referred to as Syngonium podophyllum is a gorgeous houseplant and in addition acts as an air air purifier. The typical title of this plant is arrowhead (vine or plant) and goosefoot. Syngonium is a fast-growing tropical plant that has variegated inexperienced and white leaves when grown indoor and big inexperienced leaf when grown open air. This plant basically grows on wet and shady prerequisites on fertile soil.


Syngonium grows in particular in a damp shady position with a just right quantity of aeration.

Mode of propagation

Syngonium propagated basically by the use of the vegetative approach of reducing as of this procedure stem segments with few leaves are minimize after which put on wet soil for a couple of days until it develops roots. Syngonium is basically a climber or creeper in its nature, subsequently, the stem of this plant develops root on every occasion it touches the soil.

Makes use of

Syngonium is a gorgeous foliage plant having arrow-shaped leaves. It may be used as a lawn plant and in addition as an indoor area plant. The leaves of those plant life are very gorgeous and feature a variegated development of cream white and inexperienced colour. The plant provides a just right lush inexperienced glance to the indoor atmosphere.

Syngonium plant is an air air purifier

Syngonium podophyllum additionally acts as a very good air air purifier. A find out about was once achieved within the 12 months 2013 it was once discovered that the plant Syngonium gets rid of benzene and formaldehyde from the indoor environments.

Benzene is without doubt one of the primary VOCs launched and pollutes the indoor air, major resources come with connected garages, car exhaust, heating and cooking methods of the homes and plenty of solvents. Formaldehyde may be any other indoor air pollutant emitted from smoking, candles, incense, cosmetics, wall paints, and so on.

Easy methods to care for Syngonium plant

Syngonium plant calls for low to medium mild subsequently direct publicity to daylight must be have shyed away from. The soil must be wealthy in humus along side just right draining and aerating capability. The soil must be wet for the simpler expansion of the plant. Water day-to-day or trade day relying upon the temperature of our environment. Use liquid fertilizer for just right expansion. Common misting is needed throughout dry climate in a different way commonplace misting as soon as in two or 3 days is sufficient for its correct and wholesome expansion.

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