RHS Beginners guide to planting

RHS Beginners guide to planting

Planting a Cotinus shrub RHS PUB0004250

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Planting cotinusPlanting trees and shrubs

Trees and shrubs provide height, so give an extra dimension to your garden. With careful selection they can also provide colour for seasonal interest throughout the year whether with flowers, fruit, autumn leaves or winter silhouettes.

Select the right size and number of trees to fit with the size of your garden, bearing in mind the mature height and spread. Look to have one or two trees in a small to medium garden. Too many trees or potentially large trees may outgrow their space.

We can offer you suggestions for trees and shrubs suitable for the conditions in your garden and provide you with a step-by step guide on when and how to plant.

What trees and shrubs are best for my garden?

Take a look at our comprehensive guide to looking after garden trees and shrubs and see our list of suitable plants for different locations.



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