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Crops and Life on Earth



Crops and Life on Earth

What’s the setting?
The setting is the whole lot that lives on Earth plus the air, solar, water, climate, and the Earth itself. Sing a Tune in regards to the Position of Crops!


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Crops assist the setting (and us!) in many various methods:

Crops make meals

BreadCrops are the one organisms that may convert mild vitality from the solar into meals.  And crops produce ALL of the meals that animals, together with folks, eat.  Even meat.  The animals that give us meat, reminiscent of chickens and cows, eat grass, oats, corn, or another crops.

Crops make oxygen

One of many supplies that crops produce as they make meals is oxygen fuel.  This oxygen fuel, which is a crucial a part of the air, is the fuel that crops and animals will need to have to be able to keep alive.  When folks breathe, it’s the oxygen that we take out of the air to maintain our cells and our bodies alive.  The entire oxygen out there for dwelling organisms comes from crops.

Crops present habitats for animals

SquirrelCrops are the first habitat for hundreds of different organisms.  Animals stay in, on, or underneath crops.  Crops present shelter and security for animals.  Crops additionally present a spot for animals to seek out different meals.  As a habitat, crops alter the local weather.  On a small scale, crops present shade, assist average the temperature, and defend animals from the wind.  On a bigger scale, reminiscent of in tropical rainforests, crops truly change the rainfall patterns over giant areas of the earth’s floor.

Crops assist make and protect soil

Within the forest and the prairie, the roots of crops assist maintain the soil collectively.  This reduces erosion and helps preserve the soil.  Crops additionally assist make soil.  Soil is made up of plenty of particles of rocks that are damaged down into very small items.  When crops die, their decomposed stays are added to the soil.  This helps to make the soil wealthy with vitamins.

Plant Products

Crops present helpful merchandise for folks

Many crops are vital sources of merchandise that individuals use, together with meals, fibers (for material), and medicines.  Crops additionally assist present a few of our vitality wants.  In some elements of the world, wooden is the first gasoline utilized by folks to prepare dinner their meals and warmth their properties.  Lots of the different kinds of gasoline we use at present, reminiscent of coal, pure fuel, and gasoline, had been made out of crops that lived hundreds of thousands of years in the past. 

Crops beautify

Crops, due to their magnificence, are vital components of out human world.  Once we construct homes and different buildings, we by no means assume the job is finished till now we have planted timber, shrubs, and flowers to make what now we have constructed a lot nicer.



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