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Planting guides | Organic Gardener Magazine Australia

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Plant yourself a veritable feast of corn, squash, tomatoes and greens with follow-up sowings to spread your harvest throughout the warm season.

Things heat up early in tropical, subtropical and arid zones, so don’t delay when planting your warm season favourites. Be prepared to shade sensitive crops on hot days and, from mid-season onwards, focus on planting heat-lovers such as corn, okra, sweet potato and snake bean.

You can still grow cabbage and broccoli in warm and cool temperate areas, and it’s a great time for potato, tomato, basil and parsnip. With a little shade, you will extend your coriander harvest into summer.

Spring-Summer planting guide

  • water deeply and maintain mulch cover
  • fertilise regularly to replace leached nutrients
  • watch out for mildew on grapes and cucurbits
  • keep compost moist and turn heaps regularly
  • protect crops with shade-cloth on hot days
  • put a fruit-fly control plan in place
  • clear gutters and pipes for harvesting rainfall
  • check irrigation systems and unblock drippers



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