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OPEC crude output cuts should help U.S. shale profits in 2021

Apple, Amazon suspend Parler social network from App Store and web hosting service

Trump ends his term like a growing number of Americans: out of a job

Kim Jong Un’s big plan to grow North Korea’s economy faces harsh reality

Swiss economy could grow by 4% in 2021 and 2022, government economist tells paper

Nio launches first electric sedan model as Tesla delivers China-built SUV

Indonesia locates black boxes of crashed jet as body parts recovered

Spain paralysed by snowstorm, sends out vaccine, food convoys

Sriwijaya Air crash places Indonesia’s aviation safety under fresh spotlight

Hong Kong protest-related website says users’ access blocked

New Zealand central bank says its data system was breached

U.S. judge overseeing Google case will sell mutual funds holding Alphabet stock

Democrats push toward second Trump impeachment, Republican support uncertain

Straddling Senate and pulpit, Warnock highlights religious left’s rise in the U.S.

More Capitol rioters in viral posts arrested, senator urges social media providers to keep data

India retail king Biyani sees quick OK of Future’s $3.4 billion deal despite Amazon dispute

Billionaire Barry Diller’s IAC backs MGM’s potential offer for Entain

Exclusive: Hand wash stations provider United Site up for sale for $4 billion after COVID-19 boost -sources


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Identify USD EUR JPY
USD 1 1.2218 0.0096
EUR 0.8183 1 0.0079
JPY 103.9000 126.9800 1

Index Final Chg

1,838.20 USD

2:03pm EST


Exp: Jan 21


3.69 USD

4:51pm EST


Exp: Jan 21

Crude Oil

52.73 USD

4:59pm EST


Exp: Jan 21

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