Padre Pio Bonsai Nurseries Annangrove

Padre Pio Bonsai Nurseries Annangrove









We will be closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and

New Year’s Day. Then we will be trading our usual

hours in the new year. 

Tuesday to Saturday 9am to 5pm.


We now sell our bonsai online and hand

deliver Sydney wide, and also post a range of

small to medium bonsai to regional areas and


Larger bonsai can also be posted pending email


All bonsai on these pages that have a price

attached are available for purchase in our nursery.



We are a small scale family owned Bonsai Nursery with 32 years Bonsai experience, catering for what we have found our customers are looking for.


From starters to advanced bonsai, we have all the most popular species, including Figs and Junipers or (miyagi tree) as my customers call them. We have all the deciduous trees, evergreens, the ever popular Australian Natives and perhaps the most desired as gifts, flowering and scented bonsai, such as the serissas, azaleas, gardenias and bouganvillias.


Also popular are the fruiting and berry producing bonsai like cottoneaster’s, Pyracantha, Lily Pily, Percimon and Quince.


Always a great attractant to Bonsai is the great variety of styles with its unlimited ways of shaping the tree into a design from your imagination, or something you may have seen at a Bonsai show/exhibition.


So, if you want to master such a mysterious ancient art form and imitate Japanese Masters like Masahiko Kimura, or enhance your home and garden with a ready potted bonsai, you can’t go past Padre Pio Bonsai.


The peace and harmony that even a single Bonsai will bring is amazing, then create an area in your garden with several Bonsai and you will have a truly Zen experience.


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