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The Oceans’ Creatures

Dolphin off San Diego by Jennifer Dees

Dolphin off San Diego by Jennifer Dees

Historical Sea Creatures

Charlotte, The Vermont Whale
Discovering the bones of a marine whale 150 miles from the ocean, within the fields of rural Vermont, is an intriguing dilemma.

Shark Savers: 450 Millon Years of Sharks 
Sharks have swum within the oceans for nearly 450 million years. However longevity is simply a part of the story. That further few million years of evolution have enabled many shark species to develop some extraordinary talents as excellent predators.


Animals and Exhibits
Dive into the world of water with out getting moist on the New England Aquarium. Discover vibrant coral reefs, from the Bahamas and the tropical Pacific to temperate Australia.

Coastal Waters
Meet the animals that stay within the coastal waters off the Oregon coast–starfish, jellyfish, Chinook salmon, crabs, prawns and extra.

Gallery of Deep Ocean Creatures
These are the creepy crawlies and monsters of the deep you’ve been ready to see. Beginning with the primary actually deep ocean zone – the Mesopelagic.

Marine Biology
Look beneath the floor and also you’ll see that there are many totally different sorts of ocean ecosystems – greater than on land – all teeming with life. Ocean ecosystems depend upon one another for survival.

Marine Life
Dwelling organisms fill our ocean, estuaries, and coastal areas. These organisms take many kinds from the tiniest single-cell plankton, to the biggest mammal on Earth, the blue whale, and the biggest colonial organism, the coral reef.

Marine Mammal Trainers Blog
Subscribe to this weblog to look at movies of the northern fur seals on the New England Aquarium.

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Family and Educational Activities and Games
Interactive video games that can assist you perceive sea life. Chances are you’ll even have kelp in your kitchen cabinet! Discover out about sea otters and sharks.

This web site is dedicated to the answering of all of your questions you might need about seashells, beachcombing, cleansing seashells, preserving sealife, figuring out your seashells, and extra.


Fun Activities for Kids
Ponds Freeze within the Winter – Why Doesn’t the Ocean? Counting the Fish within the Sea. Make Your Personal Deep-Sea Vent. How Sea-dwelling Animals Keep Heat. Make Your Personal Sea Otter.

Open Ocean Activities
Discover ocean actions, books, and extra on our Pinterest board.


Exploring a Rock Pool (British Isles)
A ‘Rockpooler’ is a naturalist explorer of the shore. Rockpooling Experiences in Glaucus are detailed research introducing a customer to numerous shores across the British Isles. The concept is to present rockpoolers info that will assist them when visiting shores of which they don’t seem to be acquainted.

Ocean Habitats 
We stay in a watery world. Earth obtained its nickname the “Blue Planet” as a result of water covers virtually three-quarters of its floor. The ocean is the biggest of all of the biomes on earth.

Ocean Life and Habitats
From outer house Earth seems to be like an superior blue marble. That’s as a result of most of Earth’s floor—greater than 70 p.c—is roofed by oceans.


shark petting - HEALTH AND FITNESS

Gavin petting child shark at aquarium on Santa Barbara pier.






Sharks for Kids 
From scary films to beachside indicators, sharks have a hair-raising repute. However are they actually as scary as they’re portrayed?

Shark Games
Sharks are a predatory animal with a number of rows of tooth. These tooth usually fall out after which are changed by the shark’s life. The tail of the shark offers motion and velocity. Sharks use their extremely developed sense of scent to seek out meals. Whereas most individuals consider sharks as solitary, typically giant teams of sharks collect collectively in the identical location.

Shark Week
Prepare for all issues shark with shark week!

Net Cams

Monterey Bay Aquarium Cam
Our Monterey Bay cam presents a sneak peak on the view from this California aquarium’s oceanview decks. From this vantage level, you’ll be able to determine a lot of the birds and sea mammals that discover refuge right here.

Whales & Dolphins


Scott with whale skeleton at Long Marine Lab in Santa Cruz, CA




Bryant Austin’s Life-sized and Close-up Photos of Whales
He was six ft away from a humpback whale calf when its mom got here up behind him and tapped his shoulder, gently extending her 15-foot pectoral fin in an effort to present Austin that she was watching him.

The story of Opo
Within the early summer time of 1955, A lone bottle-nose dolphin swam into the Hokianga Harbour within the far North of New Zealand and adopted the folks of Opononi as her household. She turned a people hero, and even had songs written about her.

Whales Revenge
Within the recreation assist the Greenpeace ships outsmart the Whalers. Assist your whale keep away from the harpoons. After which signal the petition to finish whaling and cease the slaughter.

Whale Songs
Whales use sound for communication and echolocation. Hearken to the whale tune. Are you able to determine the whale making this sound?

Ocean Conservation

Helping Kids Help the Ocean
Get concepts on find out how to assist your kids take higher care of the ocean.

How YOU can help save our marine wildlife
Put together for a splash children, as a result of we’re about to embark on an ocean voyage to avoid wasting two of our favorite sea species – turtles and seahorses – from extinction!


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