A mob is a residing, shifting sport entity. The time period “mob” is brief for “cellular”.[1] All mobs may be attacked and damage (from falling, attacked by player or one other mob, falling into the void, and so forth.) and a few of them can drown or burn. Several types of mobs typically have distinctive AI and loot.


Completely different mobs spawn in numerous habitats/constructions, relying on their mild stage or temperature.

Mobs spawn in varied methods. Most mobs spawn naturally, relying on their light level, habitat, and their environment, for instance, most animals are present in brighter, exterior areas while hostile monsters are generally discovered at nighttime (whether or not if it’s a cave, dungeon, mansion or at night time). These mobs normally spawn upon chunk technology. Most animals together with these which can be passive, impartial, and even hoglins have the power to be bred by the player, creating offspring. Villagers additionally breed randomly relying on the time and the variety of beds (although they will’t be bred by the player). Mobs by no means spawn on transparent blocks, in water (besides fish, dolphins, turtles, and different aquatic creatures), in lava (aside from striders), on bedrock, or on blocks lower than a full block tall (resembling slabs positioned on the underside half). The exception is monster spawners, from which they will spawn naturally on any block together with air.

Some mobs (just like the snow golem, and the wither) require that the player must “assemble” them earlier than with the ability to spawn. The iron golem can spawn naturally and will also be constructed. The ender dragon may be respawned with 4 finish crystals.

Players also can spawn mobs simply through the use of spawn eggs in Creative mode, or the /summon command.


Many mobs despawn (stop to exist) after a sure period of time if far sufficient from the participant. In Java Edition, most passive mobs don’t despawn, whereas most hostiles do. In Bedrock Edition, virtually all passive or hostile mobs despawn.


A pig emitting smoke particles upon loss of life.

Mobs are affected by the setting in the identical methods because the participant: they’re topic to physics, and they are often hurt by the identical issues that hurt the participant (catching on fireplace, falling, drowning, attacked by weapons, /kill, and so forth.). Some mobs could also be resistant or resistant to sure hazards, resembling Nether mobs, that are immune to fireplace. Mobs like cod, salmon, tropical fish, pufferfish, drowned, guardian, elder guardian can’t be drowned. Mobs can journey minecarts and different mobs can climb up ladders. When mobs are killed, they flip to dust and drop gadgets which may be helpful assets. Every sort of mob in Minecraft has a sure AI (Synthetic Intelligence) system with completely different behaviors and mechanics. Mobs ordinarily wander round at random if there’s a participant close by and normally keep away from strolling off blocks excessive sufficient to trigger falling harm. Many mobs have a sophisticated pathfinding system that enables them to navigate via obstacles to get to a desired object or vacation spot. Passive mobs flee in random instructions after being damage, whereas hostile mobs face and chase/assault the player as quickly because the participant comes shut. Neutral mobs stay impartial till a participant or mob provokes it (normally by attacking), at which level the impartial mob turns into hostile towards and assault the entity that hit it. Most mobs are conscious of gamers inside 16 blocks of them, however some can see farther. Conversely, most mobs may be heard by gamers as much as 16 blocks (spherical) away.

Most mobs can not see via most stable blocks, together with semi-transparent blocks resembling ice, glass, tall grass, or glass panes. Mobs don’t try to stroll on rail tracks until pushed on by different mobs.

Checklist of mobs

Mobs are listed and labeled by their nature from the participant’s perspective. For extra particulars on a specific mob, click on and look at their particular person web page.

Passive mobs

Passive mobs are innocent mobs that don’t assault the participant, even when provoked or attacked. Most of them are breedable and/or tameable.

Impartial mobs

Impartial mobs are typically passive and typically hostile towards the participant. Many impartial mobs develop into hostile solely when attacked first, however different impartial mobs produce other methods of being provoked. Some could also be naturally hostile with provocation.

  1. abcd All close by mobs of the identical sort develop into hostile when a single one is provoked.
  2. Along with attacking when provoked, bees develop into aggravated when a close-by beehive is damaged. Bees who declare a beehive develop into indignant when honey is harvested until a campfire is positioned beneath the beehive. A bee can sting the participant solely as soon as, and ceases to assault thereafter though the bee’s hostile texture stays. As well as, they develop into passive after a short while.
  3. ab This mob is of course hostile when in a light-weight stage 7 or decrease; which means they’re naturally hostile each time they spawn. They develop into impartial when in a light-weight stage greater than 7, though they proceed attacking any gamers they have been attacking earlier than being on this mild stage.
  4. abcde This mob is topic to developments by Monster Hunter, Monsters Hunted.‌[JE only]
  5. Along with attacking when provoked, endermen develop into hostile when their head is being checked out.
  6. Along with attacking when provoked, iron golems assault gamers with low village popularity.
  7. This mob turns into impartial after attacking the participant a single time.
  8. Piglins are naturally hostile, but when the participant is sporting at the least one piece of gold armor, then the piglin turns into impartial. In its impartial state, if one piglin or piglin brute is attacked, or if the participant opens or breaks these containers or breaks these golden blocks, all close by piglins develop into hostile, even when the participant is sporting gold armor.
  9. Most panda personalities assault the participant as soon as. Aggressive pandas assault extra equally to a hostile mob when provoked.
  10. Like all mobs, grownup polar bears are passive on Peaceable issue. When the participant is close to a cub, the mum or dad polar bear turns into hostile towards the participant, though it seldom occurs in Straightforward issue. When a cub is attacked, close by polar bears develop into hostile towards the attacker.

Hostile mobs

Hostile mobs are harmful, aggressive mobs that all the time assault the participant on sight.

  1. ab Solely the driving mob of the pair is hostile. The mount stays passive after its rider is killed.
  2. Turns into passive when not touching water throughout daytime.
  3. If a child hoglin is attacked by the participant, it quickly turns into impartial, fleeing the participant after getting attacked.
  4. If a pillager breaks its crossbow, then it turns into passive.‌[JE only]
  5. The skeleton variant is all the time hostile, whereas the spider follows its regular guidelines.

Boss mobs

Boss mobs are particular hostile mobs which can be distinctly extra harmful and harder than different mobs. They don’t spawn randomly, and are confronted deliberately. Additionally they have a boss bar that includes their identify and well being. Boss mobs present distinctive challenges but additionally equal rewards. Some gamers additionally take into account elder guardians and ravagers as bosses, although they do not have a bar.

Upcoming mobs

Upcoming mobs are new mobs which can be current solely in development versions for an upcoming model. This excludes mobs that have been introduced (confirmed) to be added however but didn’t seem in growth variations. For introduced mobs see Planned versions and for doable future mobs see Mentioned features.

Unused mobs

Solely comprises a number of mobs that by no means spawn naturally in-game as they will solely be summoned with the /summon command although the zombie horse will also be spawned in with a spawn egg.

Eliminated mobs

Eliminated mobs not exist in present variations of the sport.

Joke mobs

Mobs that have been added as a joke for April Fools’ Day in Java Edition.

Talked about mobs

These mobs have been a part of the biome vote that came about in MINECON Earth 2018, the biome vote from MINECON Live 2019 and the mob vote on Minecraft Live 2020.

These mobs both misplaced the votes and have been mentioned to be added in a future replace (excluding mooblooms and Iceologers[2]), or have been introduced however are usually not in any growth variations of minecraft.[3][4][5]

Unimplemented mobs

See additionally: Java Edition Mentioned features

Forgotten mobs that have been deliberate to be added however both acquired changed by different mobs or scrapped.

Schooling Version unique mobs

These mobs are unique to Education Edition.

Mob vote

In two of the annual Minecraft occasions (MINECON Earth 2017 and Minecraft Live 2020) or different events, typically a vote is made wherein the general public votes on the mob that shall be added, with the primary vote the phantom (then generally known as ‘Mob B’ or ‘The Monster of the Evening Skies’), gained and was added, the second time the glow squid gained and is pending to be added.


Weaknesses and immunities

Some mobs are weak or resistant to sure varieties of injury. Sea creatures, resembling turtles, take extra harm from tridents which can be enchanted with Impaling.‌[Java Edition only]‌[until JE Combat Tests]Skeletons and their variants are resistant to drowning. All undead mobs are healed by Potions of Harming, however take further harm from weapons enchanted with Smite, together with taking harm from Potions of Therapeutic. Many of those weaknesses and immunities are a results of what class (see beneath) of mobs that the mob falls into.

Undead mobs

This group of mobs consists of drowned, husks, phantoms, skeletons, skeleton horses, strays, withers, wither skeletons, zoglins, zombies, zombie horses, zombie villagers, and zombified piglins. These mobs are broken by potions of Therapeutic, healed by potions of Harming, and are resistant to drowning (aside from husks and zombies) and poison harm. Zombies, zombie villagers, drowned, skeletons, strays, and phantoms burn when underneath direct daylight, until they’re touching water or sporting a helmet. Underneath the fire resistance impact, undead mobs nonetheless catch fireplace in direct daylight however don’t take harm. All undead mobs aside from drowned, phantom, and wither sink in water. All undead mobs take further harm from weapons enchanted with Smite, and are ignored by withers.

Most undead mobs have the power to choose up items. Some can spawn sporting armor, or holding tools or weapons.

Water-based mobs

This group of mobs consists of axolotls, dolphins, squid, guardians, elder guardians, turtles, cod, salmon, pufferfish, and tropical fish, however not drowned.[6] They take further harm from tridents enchanted with Impaling,‌[Java Edition only]‌[until JE Combat Tests] and don’t trigger pufferfish to inflate nor take harm from them. All water mobs besides dolphins are resistant to drowning, and all besides guardians, elder guardians, and turtles take suffocation harm if out of water for too lengthy. Water mobs have the power to swim, whereas different mobs merely float on water or sink.


This group consists of mobs primarily based on arthropods, specifically bees, cave spiders, endermites, silverfish, and spiders. They take further harm and obtain the Slowness IV impact when attacked with weapons enchanted with Bane of Arthropods. Each forms of spider are resistant to the consequences of poison. Silverfish infest infested blocks.


This group consists of pillagers, illusioners, evokers, vindicators, and ravagers. They’re resistant to evoker fangs damage and ignored by vindicators named “Johnny”. They’re hostile to villagers, wandering traders, iron golems and players. Witches, and vexes might accompany them in raids. Illusioners (and witches‌[Bedrock Edition only]) can see gamers or targets via blocks. Vindicators named “Johnny” assault ravagers, as they don’t seem to be illagers‌[Java Edition only].

Knockback resistance

Some non-boss mobs resist a proportion of knockback from assaults.

  • Iron golems: 100%
  • Shulkers: 100%
  • Squid: 85% when out of water[verify]
  • Ravagers: 75%
  • Hoglins and zoglins: 60%
  • Drowned, Husks, Zombies, Zombie Villagers, Zombified Piglins: 0–5% (decided upon spawning)

Platform availability

Harm dealt by hostile and impartial mobs

The harm mobs deal to gamers is affected by the difficulty of the sport. The beneath values signify the quantity of injury taken per hit.

  • This is applicable solely to mobs attacking the participant. Mobs attacking different mobs all the time deal the ‘Regular’ harm listed, no matter issue.
  • Values for the creeper and ghast assume the participant is immediately adjoining to the explosion.
  • The harm of slimes and magma cubes relies on their measurement. Tiny-sized slimes, whereas hostile, are unable to do harm immediately.
  • Mobs deal no harm on peaceable, other than wolves‌[BE only] and llamas.


Icon Achievement In-game description Precise necessities (if completely different) Gamerscore earned Trophy sort (PS)
Monster Hunter Assault and kill a monster. Kill a hostile mob or one of many following impartial mobs: an enderman, a zombified piglin, a spider, or a cave spider. 15G Bronze
Cow Tipper Harvest some leather. Decide up leather from the bottom. 15G Bronze
When Pigs Fly Use a saddle to journey a pig, after which have the pig get damage from fall harm whereas driving it. Be driving a pig (e.g. utilizing a saddle) when it hits the bottom with a fall distance higher than 5. 40G Silver
Sniper Duel Kill a Skeleton with an arrow from greater than 50 meters. Use a launched arrow to kill a skeleton, wither skeleton, or a stray from 50 or extra blocks away, horizontally. 30G Bronze
Return to Sender Destroy a Ghast with a fireball. Kill a ghast utilizing a ghast fireball. 30G Silver
The Starting? Spawn the Wither Be inside a 100.9×100.9×103.5 cuboid centered on the Wither when it’s spawned. 20G Bronze
The Starting. Kill the Wither Be inside a 100.9×100.9×203.5 cuboid centered on the Wither when it drops the nether star. 40G Silver
Repopulation Breed two cows with wheat. Breed two cows or two mooshrooms. 15G Bronze
Chief Of The Pack Befriend 5 Wolves. This doesn’t should be in a single sport, so a number of video games or reloading outdated saves does rely towards this achievement. 20G Bronze
Have a Shearful Day Use Shears to acquire wool from a sheep. 15G Bronze
Physique Guard Create an Iron Golem 20G Bronze
Zombie Physician Remedy a zombie villager. Throw a splash potion of weak spot at a zombie villager and provides it a golden apple (by going through the zombie and urgent the use key with a golden apple in your hand) 40G Gold
Archer Kill a creeper with arrows. 10G Bronze
The Deep Finish Defeat an Elder Guardian 30G Silver
The Finish… Once more… Respawn the Enderdragon[sic] 30G Silver
Nice View From Up Right here Levitate up 50 blocks from the assaults of a Shulker 20G Bronze
Echolocation Feed a dolphin fish to have it lead you to treasure Feed a dolphin uncooked cod and have it lure you to treasure. 20G Silver
The place Have You Been? Obtain a present from a tamed cat within the morning. The present should be picked up from the bottom. 20G Bronze
Zoologist Breed two pandas with bamboo. 40G Gold
Plethora of Cats Befriend twenty stray cats. Befriend and tame twenty stray cats present in villages. They don’t all should be tamed in a single world. 20G Silver
Kill the Beast! Defeat a Ravager. 30G Silver
I’ve acquired a nasty feeling about this Kill a Pillager Captain. 20G Bronze
Bee our visitor Use a Campfire to gather Honey from a Beehive utilizing a Bottle with out aggravating the bees. 15G Bronze
Complete Beelocation Transfer and place a Bee Nest, with 3 bees inside, utilizing Silk Touch. 30G Silver
Oooh, shiny! Distract a Piglin utilizing gold. Give a piglin a gold merchandise whereas it’s aggressive towards the participant. 30G Silver


Developments are made when a participant accomplishes one thing that’s both uncommon to perform or typically straightforward to take action (resembling Adventure for killing or getting killed by an entity).

Icon Advancement In-game description Dad or mum Precise necessities (if completely different) Namespaced ID

Zombie Physician
Weaken after which treatment a Zombie Villager We Have to Go Deeper Throw a splash potion of Weakness at a zombie villager, feed it a golden apple, and watch for it to be cured. story/cure_zombie_villager

Return to Sender
Destroy a Ghast with a fireball Nether Kill a ghast utilizing a ghast fireball. nether/return_to_sender

Oh Shiny
Distract Piglins with gold Nether Give a piglin one of those 22 gold-related gadgets within the #piglin_loved entity tag.[note 1] whereas not sporting any golden armor. If this development is tried whereas the participant is sporting golden armor however piglin(s) are nonetheless aggressive towards them, the development doesn’t set off. Different gold-related gadgets, if any, could also be used, however are ignored for this development and by the piglin. nether/distract_piglin

This Boat Has Legs
Experience a Strider with a Warped Fungus on a Stick Nether Enhance[7] a strider with a warped fungus on a stick. nether/ride_strider

Uneasy Alliance
Rescue a Ghast from the Nether, convey it safely house to the Overworld… after which kill it Return to Sender Kill a ghast whereas within the Overworld. nether/uneasy_alliance

Spooky Scary Skeleton
Receive a Wither Skeleton’s cranium A Horrible Fortress Have a wither skeleton skull in your stock. nether/get_wither_skull

Into Fireplace
Relieve a Blaze of its rod A Horrible Fortress Have a blaze rod in your stock. nether/obtain_blaze_rod

Withering Heights
Summon the Wither Spooky Scary Skeleton nether/summon_wither

How Did We Get Right here?
Have each impact utilized on the similar time A Livid Cocktail Have all of those 26 results[note 2] utilized to the participant on the similar time. Beacon results additionally rely for the needs of this development. Different status effects, if any, could also be utilized to the participant, however are ignored for this development.
Word: This can be a hidden development, which means that it may be considered by the participant solely after finishing it.

Free the Finish
Good luck The Finish Kill the ender dragon. finish/kill_dragon

The Finish… Once more…
Respawn the Ender Dragon Free the Finish Summon an ender dragon utilizing end crystals. finish/respawn_dragon

You Want a Mint
Gather dragon’s breath in a glass bottle Free the Finish Have a bottle of dragon’s breath in your stock. finish/dragon_breath

Nice View From Up Right here
Levitate up 50 blocks from the assaults of a Shulker The Metropolis on the Finish of the Sport Transfer a distance of fifty blocks with the Levitation impact utilized. finish/levitate

Journey, exploration, and fight Kill any entity, or be killed by any entity. journey/root

Monster Hunter
Kill any hostile monster Journey Kill one of those 34 mobs.[note 3] Different mobs, if any, could also be killed, however are ignored for this development. journey/kill_a_mob

What a Deal!
Efficiently commerce with a Villager Journey Take an merchandise from a villager or wandering dealer’s buying and selling output slot, and put it in your stock. journey/commerce

Monsters Hunted
Kill certainly one of each hostile monster Monster Hunter Kill every of those 34 mobs.[note 3] Different mobs, if any, could also be killed, however are ignored for this development. journey/kill_all_mobs

Employed Assist
Summon an Iron Golem to assist defend a village What a Deal! Summon an iron golem. journey/summon_iron_golem

Who’s the Pillager Now?
Give a Pillager a style of their very own medication Ol’ Betsy Kill a pillager with a crossbow. journey/whos_the_pillager_now

Kill 5 distinctive mobs with one crossbow shot Ol’ Betsy Word: This can be a hidden development, which means that it may be considered by the participant solely after finishing it. journey/arbalistic

Sniper Duel
Kill a Skeleton from at the least 50 meters away Take Purpose Kill a skeleton with a projectile whereas being at the least 50 blocks away horizontally. journey/sniper_duel

Bee Our Visitor
Use a Campfire to gather Honey from a Beehive utilizing a Bottle with out aggravating the bees Husbandry Use a bottle on a beehive or bee nest whereas not angering the bees inside. husbandry/safely_harvest_honey

The Parrots and the Bats
Breed two animals collectively Husbandry husbandry/breed_an_animal

Greatest Buddies Endlessly
Tame an animal Husbandry husbandry/tame_an_animal

Complete Beelocation
Transfer a Bee Nest, with 3 bees inside, utilizing Silk Touch Husbandry husbandry/silk_touch_nest

Two by Two
Breed all of the animals! The Parrots and the Bats Breed pairs of every of those 19 mobs.[note 4] A trader llama doesn’t rely as a llama, and a mule should be the results of breeding a horse and a donkey for this development as they don’t seem to be breed-able collectively. Different breed-able mobs, if any, may be bred, however are ignored for this development. husbandry/bred_all_animals
  1. Bell, Block of Gold, Clock, Enchanted Golden Apple, Gilded Blackstone, Glistering Melon Slice, Gold Ingot, Gold Ore, Golden Apple, Golden Axe, Golden Boots, Golden Carrot, Golden Chestplate, Golden Helmet, Golden Hoe, Golden Horse Armor, Golden Leggings, Golden Pickaxe, Golden Shovel, Golden Sword, Gentle Weighted Stress Plate, Nether Gold Ore
  2. Absorption, Unhealthy Omen, Blindness, Conduit Energy, Dolphin’s Grace, Fireplace Resistance, Glowing, Haste, Hero of the Village, Starvation, Invisibility, Soar Enhance, Levitation, Mining Fatigue, Nausea, Evening Imaginative and prescient, Poison, Regeneration, Resistance, Gradual Falling, Slowness, Velocity, Energy, Water Respiratory, Weak spot, Wither
  3. ab Blaze, Cave Spider, Creeper, Drowned, Elder Guardian, Ender Dragon, Enderman, Endermite, Evoker, Ghast, Guardian, Hoglin, Husk, Magma Dice, Phantom, Piglin, Piglin Brute, Pillager, Ravager, Shulker, Silverfish, Skeleton, Slime, Spider, Stray, Vex, Vindicator, Witch, Wither, Wither Skeleton, Zoglin, Zombie, Zombie Villager, Zombified Piglin
  4. Bee, Cat, Rooster, Cow, Donkey, Fox, Hoglin, Horse, Llama, Mooshroom, Mule, Ocelot, Panda, Pig, Rabbit, Sheep, Strider, Turtle, Wolf


For points distinctive to particular mobs, see that mob’s points part.

Points referring to “Mob” are maintained on the bug tracker. Report points there.



  • Renaming a mob “Dinnerbone” or “Grumm” utilizing a spawn egg or name tag causes it to flip the other way up.
  • Renaming a sheep “jeb_” makes its wool change shade with a clean transition between colours. Word that the sheep named “jeb_” drops solely the colour of wool it had when named (e.g., when a pink sheep is known as “jeb_” after which sheared when its shade has modified to blue, it nonetheless drops pink wool).
  • Renaming a vindicator “Johnny” makes it assault all close by mobs, besides different illagers.
  • Renaming a rabbit “Toast” offers the rabbit a brand new texture, as an Easter egg to xyzen420’s girlfriend’s lacking rabbit.[8]
  • Spiders, cave spiders, slimes, silverfish and illusioners are a number of the few mobs that may see players behind partitions.
  • Cats and villagers can see gamers with the invisibility impact.
  • There are a lot of blocks within the sport that don’t take up a full block, and mobs truly see many of those as full blocks.


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