Indoor plants: Low-light indoor plants that’ll bring home serenity & lushness

Indoor plants: Low-light indoor plants that’ll bring home serenity & lushness

Indoor plants add a sense of tranquillity and peace to a room, and when cared for properly, can quickly become part of the interior decor. Lush green plants can also add a hint of liveliness to boring rooms as greenery is always pleasing to the eye. The advantage of low-light indoor plants is that they need minimal sun exposure. This quality allows them to become a part of the interior decor without the risk of wilting or dying. Here’s what we recommend for low-light indoor plants:
79423576Zamioculcas zamiifolia plant can survive with minimal maintenance and is perfect for people who taking baby steps towards indoor gardening. This plant also has air-purifying and deodorizing qualities. The plant has waxy, smooth leaves that reflect light and brightens up the smallest rooms. The ZZ usually grows slowly to a height and width of two to three feet.
‘; var randomNumber = Math.random(); var isIndia = (window.geoinfo && window.geoinfo.CountryCode === ‘IN’) && (window.location.href.indexOf(‘outsideindia’) === -1 ); //console.log(isIndia && randomNumber 79423590 Syngonium varieties are easy to care for plants as long as they are sufficiently watered. They are low light tolerant houseplants and will grow virtually anywhere in your home. The leaves of the Synogmium plant display a range of colours and will look beautiful paired with decorative accessories. The plant’s leaves spread out like vines and can be used to create a hanging garden. Get it here. 79423607 Tillandsia Lonantha is known as an air plant as it does not need soil to grow. The plant needs a regular spray of water to survive indoors. The plant needs indirect, bright light to thrive beautifully. This air plant will add wonderful detail to your rooms and can be paired with decorative hanging pots. 79423620 The Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree (Ficus lyrata) is a stunning plant that has huge green leaves. This plant needs plenty of ambient lighting to thrive indoors. A humid environment will keep this plant looking its best. This plant also comes with a pot which measures 4 inches in diameter.

79423624 The bamboo plant is one of the most loved indoor plants in India. The two stalk bamboo plant is believed to double the luck and is often associated with love. It’s an ideal gift for couples.

79423636 The peace lily plant is a flowering indoor plant that looks serene and beautiful. The plant needs indirect sunlight and will live and bloom for years when taken care of properly. Ideal for home or office, this plant can also help in cleaning and purifying the air. Standing 1 to 4 feet tall, peace lilies have a wonderful visual appeal, with dark green leaves creating a gorgeous contrast to the white flowers.

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