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  • Your Health Link Photo Comp 2021

    Open now to students from every primary and high school across Australia. Entries close 24 January.

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  • Peas join us!

    Vegetable Week & The Big Vegie Crunch 2021 registration is now open! Help us ‘beet’ the record in 2021!

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  • Exclusive Healthy Kids member benefit

    Find out how you can SAVE with this new offer for members from Cashless.

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  • NSW School Canteen survey

    Did you know that 31% of canteens serve breakfast while 99% serve lunch? And 89% of canteens have an oven while only 30% have a dishwasher. Read on to discover more insights from the HKA NSW School Canteen Survey.

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  • UPDATED: Our COVID-19 advice for canteens
  • Join or renew your Healthy Kids Membership

    Schools can SAVE $28 by selecting a three-year membership for just $299!

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  • What’s New this month

    Check out the latest products which have been registered with Healthy Kids in “What’s New”. Be the first to know when a new product is added!

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  • 2020 NSW School Canteen Buyers’ Guide available now!
  • Need some menu inspiration?

    Check out this very new collection of wholesome snack recipes. Perfect for primary and secondary school canteens.

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  • NEW Canteen Lookbook

    Need inspiration for marketing Everyday foods and drinks in the canteen?

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HKA Online is your portal to Healthy Kids’ full range of resources designed to help canteens, schools and families create a healthy environment for kids. 


The HKA Kitchen is jam-packed full of easy recipes which have been created by our chefs and dietitians – yummy, healthy and guaranteed to make them smile!

CHECK OUT THE RECIPES > icon canteens

We know running a school canteen isn’t easy, but serving healthy food in schools is essential for happy and healthy kids! Welcome to CANTEEN CORNER – packed full of advice on everything you need to run a successful school canteen, including finances, record keeping, compliance, staffing, menu development and more.

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platesHKA Online designs 03

HKA Online designs 02 Healthy Kids offers programs and teaching resources which can be used in schools across NSW to inspire students and supplement education outcomes. Read on! READ ON!


healthy kid association Healthy Kids Association is a health promotion charity and member organisation which works closely with schools, canteens, government, health professionals, food companies and families to improve access to nutritious food and educate children and families on how to make healthy choices for a healthy life.

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