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  • Finally, vegetables get their due!

    It’s long past time to focus on the role
    of fruits and vegetables in nutrition and healthy diets,
    opportunities for small-scale farmers,
    and reducing food loss and waste.

  • Mungbean research creates economic gains of US$ 1.4 billion
    for smallholder farmers in Myanmar.

  • From vulnerable to resilient

    With WorldVeg vegetable seed kits, families are growingtheir own nutrient-rich food for healthier diets.

  • Unlocking the potential
    of horticulture

    A new training initiative will build the necessary
    skills in Tanzania’s labor force
    to realize the promise of horticulture
    for livelihoods and the economy.

  • Simple methods anyone can use anywhere to produce nutritious food.

  • Vegetables and Climate Change:
    Pathways to Resilience

    For the past five decades, the World Vegetable Center has conducted research to improve vegetable varieties and production systems adapted to the high temperatures and weather extremes in tropical and sub-tropical regions with significant achievements and impact.

    This position paper explains how WorldVeg is well positioned to expand its research portfolio to develop climate change adaptation and mitigation options along the vegetable value chain.

  • Diets in a time of coronavirus

    Don’t let vegetables fall off the plate, says Jody Harris,
    WorldVeg Lead Specialist for Food Systems.

    Supporting the most vulnerable to access healthy diets
    must continue to be our priority.

  • All-Africa Summit on Diversifying Food Systems
    with African Traditional Vegetables to
    Increase Health, Nutrition and Wealth

    new dates! 25-28 January 2021
    Gran Meliá Arusha
    Arusha, Tanzania

  • It represents the hopes and desires of farmers who
    produce crops, and people like you, who consume those crops.

    ADOPT-A-SEED today!

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