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Our Collection of Gardening Tools & More

Tools: Intuitively designed and ergonomically made shears, shovels, weeders, hoes, and hoses save you effort and strain. 

Accessories: Our high-quality bird feeders and birdhouses can help keep your outdoor space bustling with life. 

Supplies: From aprons and gloves to soil testers and thermometers, we carry the gardening tools you need to simplify your efforts, from planting to harvesting.

Gardening Sets: Never be without the tool you need for your garden. We offer everything from shovel and hoe sets for the spring and summer to rake sets for the fall.

Gardening Tools You’ll Enjoy Using

We believe in partnering with toolmakers who use traditional designs and crafting methods. That’s why our gardening tools work well and can last for decades.

Whether you’ve had your hands in the soil for years or are planting for the very first time, you’re sure to appreciate the craftsmanship and attention to detail embodied in every one of these fine tools.

Start by searching our blog articles for insight on your next project, including the tools you’ll need. Then, see our tool guides to make sure that your tools will work for the task at hand.


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