Fresh Vegetables – How Long Do Fresh Vegetables Last? Shelf Life

Vegetables are good for you! Old news, we know, but this one doesn’t change, in fact the more research is done the more the above statement is stressed. When speaking of vegetables, the fresher the better in terms of nutrient content. And, the highest quantity of nutrients is generally just under the skin of fresh vegetables.

The list of fresh vegetables is extensive and availability changes with the seasons. Since fresh vegetables are not always available everywhere, you may consider vegetables that are fresh frozen at their peak of freshness as a nearly equal alternative (see our frozen vegetable page for more information).

All vegetables are good for you. Who hasn’t been told to “eat your vegetables”? Although fresh and frozen contain the greatest health value and vitamins, canned vegetables (see our canned vegetable page for more information) are a good option for those who need long term solutions. Use the buttons below to view pages and pages of valuable information on fresh vegetables. Find out how long vegetables last and how to make them last as long as possible.


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