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How Pep & Iniesta inspired Chelsea star Mount

Chelsea 16:00

Transfer LIVE: Man Utd want Haaland instead of Sancho

Transfers 08:00

Happy New Year! Arsenal have their swagger back

Arsenal 06:32

Mourinho picks his favourite Premier League team to watch

Tottenham Hotspur 23:29

‘Table looks completely different’ – Arteta thrilled with Arsenal

Arsenal 06:46

Lampard: Context needed when assessing Havertz

Chelsea 06:30

Atalanta ask Man Utd to delay Diallo transfer

Transfers 22:38

Pochettino appointed PSG coach

PSG 23:09

Jota offers injury update

Liverpool 22:59

No Suarez regrets for Koeman & Barcelona

Barcelona 21:44

‘I feel ashamed’ – Spurs star Lamela apologises

Tottenham Hotspur 01:55

Man Utd are Liverpool’s main title rivals – Murphy

Manchester United 16:35

Werner & Havertz struggles are normal – Gundogan

Chelsea 16:03

Football on UK TV: Matches to watch & live stream

Premier League 15:30

Arteta: Arsenal can now play with the handbrake off

Arsenal 15:26

Zidane defends Benzema after poor performance

Real Madrid 09:17 More

Gundogan aware of his place in City’s galaxy of stars

Manchester City 03:58

Vazquez and Asensio on target as Real Madrid top Celta Vigo

Primera División 03:35

Arsenal fire four past West Brom to continue winning run

Premier League 03:35

Robertson rues dropped points for Liverpool

Liverpool 03:29

Farke confident Arsenal-linked Buendia won’t be sold

Arsenal 03:28

Solskjaer sees floodgates opening for Martial

Manchester United 03:06

Messi ‘really excited’ to be back for Barca

Lionel Messi 02:37

‘Liverpool should spend on starter, not cover’

Transfers 02:30 More

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