Food Science and Nutrition BSc (Hons) degree course 2021 entry

Recipient of the Queen’s Anniversary Prize

The Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education, the highest accolade for any academic institution, was awarded to the University of Surrey in 2017 in recognition of our excellence in the field of food and nutrition.

BSc (Hons) – Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST)
Accredited by the Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST).

Our reliance on a supply of safe food, together with the economic problems that can arise from crop damage and food spoilage, means that graduates from this course are in high demand by the food and beverage industries.

The combination of modules covering human nutrition, microbiology, food composition, food processing, food analysis and quality assurance provided by this course equip you for a range of careers.

An important aspect of food science is understanding the vital link between diet and health so that foods can be developed to have maximum nutritional value. You could be involved in undertaking exciting research into the potential and most recent applications of food science – the development of novel foods. These include foods with new synthetic or natural ingredients which are used to replace fats or lower cholesterol, foods with novel health-promoting extracts from plants, or foods that have been altered by genetic manipulation.

As a nutritionist, you may be concerned with the beneficial components in a food, but as a food scientist, you’ll need to ensure that food bought from a supermarket contains the optimum amount of these components. You’ll also be concerned with the quality and safety of the food.

Our graduates are involved in product development, food analysis, research, consumer advice, legislation, food safety and teaching.

Most of our graduates go immediately into the job market, taking jobs that often follow naturally from a successful Professional Training placement, but many of our graduates also pursue further study. This includes taught masters courses and PhD studentships.

Some of our graduates over the last few years have secured roles such as:

  • Technical Graduate, Bakkavor
  • Process Technologist, Adelie Foods
  • Regulations and Compliance Executive, IFIS
  • Conformance Manager, Nestlé
  • Nutritionist, Whole Foods              
  • Food Technologist, JF Renshaw
  • Regulatory Analyst, Leatherhead Food Research.