Summary #4690: Sharla L. White, Yi Chen, Qi Shen, Laurie J. Goodman. Multi-sample automation of the
CLARITY era for the processing of three-D volumes of tissue. AACR Annual Assembly, March 29-April 3,
2019, Atlanta, GA. [Download] [PDF]

Summary #351: Third-dimensional (three-D) Imaging of Biomarkers in Human Core Needle Biopsies of Customary and Cancerous Breast Tissue. Yi Chen, Qi Shen, Laurie J. Goodman, Yesim Gokmen-Polar, Sunil Badve. SABCS Annual Assembly, Dec 4-8, 2018, San Antonio, TX.  [Download] [PDF]

Summary 5915: Third-dimensional, three-D, multiplex imaging of biomarkers in tumor tissue. Sharla L. White, Sarah McCurdy and Laurie J. Goodman. AACR Annual Assembly 2017; April 1-5, 2017; Washington, DC  [Download] [PDF] 


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