Definition of TREE

Definition of TREE

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ˈtrē How to pronounce tree (audio)

1a : a woody perennial plant having a single usually elongate main stem generally with few or no branches on its lower part

b : a shrub or herb of arborescent form rose trees a banana tree

2 : something in the form of or resembling a tree: such as

a : a diagram or graph that branches usually from a simple stem or vertex without forming loops or polygons a genealogical tree phylogenetic trees

b : a much-branched system of channels especially in an animal body the vascular tree

3a(1) : a piece of wood (such as a post or pole) usually adapted to a particular use or forming part of a structure or implement

(2) archaic : the cross on which Jesus was crucified

transitive verb

1a : to drive to or up a tree treed by a bull dogs treeing game

b : to put into a position of extreme disadvantage : corner especially : to bring to bay

2 : to furnish or fit (a shoe) with a tree

ˈtrē How to pronounce Tree (audio)

Sir Herbert (Draper) Beerbohm 1853–1917 English actor-manager


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