Definition of GARDEN

gar·​den | ˈgär-dᵊn

1a : a plot of floor the place herbs, fruits, flowers, or greens are cultivated

b : a wealthy well-cultivated area

c : a container (akin to a window field) planted with often quite a lot of small vegetation

2a : a public recreation space or park often ornamented with vegetation and bushes a botanical backyard

b : an open-air consuming or consuming place

c : a big corridor for public leisure

gardened; gardening ˈgär-​də-​niŋ , ˈgärd-​niŋ

1 : of, regarding, utilized in, or frequenting a backyard a backyard gate a backyard hose backyard pests

2 : of a sort sometimes grown in gardens backyard phlox additionally : appropriate for development in an out of doors backyard particularly as a result of hardiness backyard chrysanthemums


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