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American%20Dipper - HEALTH AND FITNESS

      american dipper American%20Dipper - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

7-8 1/2″ (18-22 cm). A uniformly slate-gray, wren-shaped chicken with stubby tail; yellowish toes. All the time discovered close to dashing water.

  american kestrel american%20kestrel - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

9-12″ (23-30 cm). W. 21″ (53 cm). A jay-sized falcon, usually seen hovering. Recognizable in all plumages by rusty tail and again. Grownup male has slate-blue wings. Feminine has rusty wings and again, slender bands on tail. Each sexes have 2 black stripes on face.

 American pelican american%20pellican - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

55-70″ (1.4-1.8 m). W. 8′ (2.4 m). An enormous white chicken with a protracted flat invoice and black wing suggestions. In breeding season, has quick yellowish crest on again of head and attractive plate on higher mandible. Younger birds duskier than adults.

American robin

American%20Robin - HEALTH AND FITNESS    

9/11″ (23-28 cm). Grey above, brick crimson beneath. Head and tail black in males, uninteresting grey in females. Younger birds are noticed beneath.

American coot

american coot glamor - HEALTH AND FITNESS    

15″ (38 cm). A grey, duck-like chicken with white invoice and frontal protect, white undertail coverts, and lobed toes. Frontal protect has crimson swelling at higher edge, seen at shut vary. Immatures comparable however paler, with duller invoice.


  american goldfinch american goldfinch glamour12 - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

4 1/2-5″ (11-13 cm). Smaller than a sparrow. Breeding male vivid yellow with a white rump, black brow, white edges on black wings and tail, and yellow at bend of wing. Feminine and winter male duller and grayer with black wings, tail, and white wing bars. Travels in flocks; undulating flight.

 american pipit american pipit - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

6-7″ (15-18 cm). A sparrow-sized, slender brown chicken of open nation. Crown and upperparts uniform brown; underparts buff with streaks; outer tail feathers white; legs normally black. Typically bobs its tail and normally walks slightly than hops. Sprague’s Pipit has a streaked again and yellow legs, seldom bobs its tail.

 american tree sparrow american tree sparrow glamor - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

5 1/2-6 1/2″ (14-17 cm). Grey head with rufous crown and ear stripe; streaked brown above; two outstanding wingbars; plain grey beneath, with darkish spot in heart of breast. Just like Discipline Sparrow, however bigger and with out white eye ring or pink invoice

  financial institution swallow bank rognan - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

4 3/4-5 1/2″ (12-14 cm). Sparrow-sized; our smallest swallow. Brown above, uninteresting white beneath; breast crossed by distinct brown band; tail notched. Northern Tough-winged Swallow is hotter brown, with dusky throat and with out brown breast band.

 american bittern American%20Bittern - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

23-34″ (58-86 cm). A secretive, medium-sized, streaked brown heron. Outer wing seems blackish brown in flight, contrasting with lighter brown of internal wing and physique. At shut vary adults present lengthy black stripe down aspect of throat. Younger night-herons are comparable however stockier, with shorter necks and extra rounded wings with out darkish suggestions; they lack the secretive habits of bitterns.


  american widgeon American Wigeon Quail Lodge Monterey CA 1 24 2010 20 - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

18-23″ (46-58 cm). Male is brownish with white crown, inexperienced ear patch, and daring white shoulder patches simply seen in flight. Feminine is mottled brown with grayish head and whitish shoulder patches. Invoice pale blue in each sexes.

 bald eagle bald eagle glamor - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

30-31″ (76-79 cm). W. 6-7′ 6″ (1.8-2.3 m). A big blackish eagle with white head and tail and heavy yellow invoice. Younger birds lack the white head and tail, and resemble grownup Golden Eagles, however are variably marked with white and have a black, extra large invoice.

 barn swallow barn swallow glamor - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

5 3/4-7 3/4″ (15-20 cm). Sparrow-sized. Our most acquainted swallow, and the one one with a deeply forked tail. Upperparts darkish steel-blue, underparts buff, throat and brow rusty.

 belted kingfisher belted kingfisher glamor - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

13″ (33 cm). A dove-sized chicken, blue-gray above, white beneath, with bushy crest, dagger-like invoice. Male has blue-gray breast band; feminine comparable, but in addition has chestnut stomach band.

 black capped chickadee black%20capped%20chickadee - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

4 3/4-5 3/4″ (12-15 cm). Black cap and throat, white cheeks, grey again, uninteresting white underparts. Wing feathers narrowly and indistinctly edged with white. Troublesome to separate from Carolina Chickadee. Bolder white edges on secondaries and a largely white nape.

 black billed magpie Black billedMagpie - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

17 1/2 -22″ (44-56 cm). Massive black and white chicken with lengthy tail and darkish invoice. Invoice, head, breast, and underparts black, with inexperienced iridescence on wings and tail. White stomach and shoulders; white primaries conspicuous as white wing patches in flight.


 black topped evening heron Black crownedNight Heron Vyn 081102 0096 - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

23-28″ (58-71 cm). W. 3’8″ (1.1 m). A medium-sized, stocky, slightly short-necked heron with black crown and again, grey wings, and white underparts. Invoice quick and black, legs pinkish or yellowish. In breeding season it has 2 or extra lengthy white plumes on again of head. Younger birds are uninteresting gray-brown evenly noticed with white. Younger Yellow-crowned Night time-Herons are grayer, with stouter payments and longer legs.


 black necked stilt Black neckedStilt - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

13-16″ (33-41 cm). A slender, long-legged shorebird. Black above, white beneath; head patterned in black and white; neck lengthy; invoice lengthy and skinny; legs very lengthy, crimson, and slender. Feminine has brown again.

  blue grey gnat catcher blue%20gray%20gnatcatcher - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

4 1/2 -5″ (11-13 cm). Smaller than a sparrow. Tiny, slender, long-tailed chicken, blue-gray above and white beneath, with white eye ring and broad white borders on black tail. Seems like a miniature mockingbird.

 blue grosbeak blue grosbeak 1 - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

6-7 1/2″ (15-19 cm). Barely bigger than a Home Sparrow. Male darkish blue with 2 chestnut wing bars and a stout, darkish invoice. Feminine darkish buff-brown with 2 buff wing bars. Indigo Bunting comparable, however is smaller, lacks wing bars.

  blue jay blue jay glamour - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

12″ (30 cm). Vibrant blue above with a lot white and black within the wings and tail; dingy white beneath; black facial markings; outstanding crest.

 blue winged teal blue winged teal glamor - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

14-16″ (36-41 cm). A small brown duck with pale blue shoulder patches. Male has grey head and white crescent in entrance of eye. Feminine mottled brown, just like feminine Cinnamon Teal however with obscure patterning on face and to feminine Inexperienced-winged, however grayer and bigger billed, with pale blue shoulder patches just like the male.

 bonapartes gull bonapartes%20gull - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

12-14″ (30-36 cm). A small delicate gull, silvery grey above, with conspicuous white, wedge-shaped patches on forefront of outer wing. Head black in breeding adults, white in winter with darkish spot behind eye. Invoice black. Younger birds have darkish markings on higher floor of wing and black tail band. Frequent Black-headed Gull comparable however bigger, with crimson invoice and darkish wing linings.

  brewers blackbird brewers blackbird glamour - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

8-10″ (20-25 cm). Robin-sized. Male is stable black with purplish-blue iridescent head and yellow eyes. Feminine is grey with darkish eyes. Just like Rusty Blackbird, however male Rusty has faint inexperienced reflections on head; feminine Rusty has yellow eyes and jerks its head because it walks.


  brewer’s sparrow brewers sparrow 1 - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

5″ (13 cm). Gentle brown upperparts with black streaks; unmarked pale underparts. Resembles Clay-colored Sparrow, however has brown crown, finely streaked with black. Effectively-defined darker ear patch bordered by positive black eye line and a pair of parallel “whisker” marks. Unstreaked breast; darker, finely streaked again with buff wing bars.

 broad tailed hummingbird Broad tailed%20Hummingbird - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

4-4 1/2″ (10-11 cm). Male metallic inexperienced, with rose-red gorget; inexperienced crown; broad tail with little rufous. Feminine just like feminine Rufous and Allen’s Hummingbirds, however has inexperienced central tail feathers; outer tail feathers are rust-colored at base, black in center, and white on outer suggestions.

 brown headed cowbird  brown headed cowbird glamor - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

6-8″ (15-20 cm). Male black with shiny brown head; feminine plain gray-brown. Each have a finch-like invoice.

  brown capped rosy finch Browncapped%20RosyFinch - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

5 3/4-6 1/2″ (15-17 cm). Largely mild brown, with out grey crown patch of intently associated Grey-crowned Rosy-Finch and Black Rosy-Finch. Rump, wing, and stomach pinkish rose. Feminine mainly brown. Each sexes have blackish payments.


 bufflehead Bufflehead - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

13-15″ (33-38 cm). A small, chubby duck. Male largely white, with black again, black head with greenish and purplish gloss, and enormous white patch from behind eye to prime and again of head. Feminine all darkish, with single whitish patch on cheek. A quick flier, with a fast wingbeat.

 bullock’s oriole bullocks%20oriole - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

7-8 1/2″ (18-22 cm). Male crown, eye line, throat stripe, again, wings, and central tail black; giant white wing patch; a lot of head, eyebrow, underparts, and outer tail feathers orange. Feminine olive above; 2 white wing bars; chest pale orange; stomach white. Invoice slender, pointed; tail rounded.


  bushtit Bushtit Vyn 100502 0035 - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

3 3/4-4″ (10 cm). Grey above with mild underparts; small invoice; and comparatively lengthy tail. Pacific Coast birds have brown crown, pale ear patch; Rocky Mountain birds have grey crown, brown ear patch. Birds in mountains close to Mexican border have black ear patch; they have been previously thought-about a separate species, the “Black-eared Bushtit.”

cackling goose
 cackling goose glamour karenfoil - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

Cackling and Canada Geese, female and male, are just about similar in look. The first variations are in dimension and proportion. Flight is quicker, considerably like a Mallard Duck, and in flight, the wings can appear longer in proportion to the physique. Cackling Geese additionally are likely to have rounder heads, and shorter, stubbier payments than Canada Geese.  The top and neck are coal black with a white “chin strap” or band on the aspect of the face. The physique over all is a gray-brown aside from undertail coverts, that are white. Legs, toes and invoice are additionally black. Sizes among the many 4 subspecies can vary from 21 to 30 inches and from 2 to six lbs. 


 california gull CaliforniaGull Vyn 081102 0094 - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

20-23″ (51-58 cm). Just like Herring Gull however smaller, with darker grey mantle, darkish eye, reddish eye ring, and greenish legs. Invoice of breeding grownup has crimson spot overlapped by black. Winter and immature birds have black subterminal bar on invoice and lack crimson eye ring of adults. A standard inland gull.


canada goose  canada goose 1 - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

35-45″ (89-114 cm). Brownish physique with black head, lengthy black neck, conspicuous white cheek patch. The smaller Brant has a shorter neck and lacks white cheek patch. The Cackling Goose is smaller, darker, shorter-billed, and located primarily within the West.


 canvasback Canvasback - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

19-24″ (48-61 cm). Male has a whitish physique, black chest, and reddish head with low brow. Lengthy invoice offers head a particular sloping profile. Feminine grayish, with sandy-brown head. At a distance male Canvasbacks may be distinguished from comparable Redheads by their white our bodies, the male Redhead’s physique being largely grey.


    cassin’s finch
 cassinsfinch - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

6-6 1/2″ (15-17 cm). Bigger than each Home and Purple Finches. Male’s breast coloration paler rose-red than that of Purple Finch; brown-streaked nape and mantle make rosy crown and rump, particularly crown, seem extra good. Unstreaked flanks and stomach pale pink to whitish. Feminine resembles feminine Purple Finch, however extra finely streaked above and beneath, with much less distinct eye line and jaw stripe. Home Finch smaller and slimmer; male redder, with brown-streaked stomach.

cedar wax wing

6 1/2-8″ (17-20 cm). Smaller than a robin. A smooth, crested, brown chicken with black masks, yellow suggestions (generally reddish) on tail feathers, and arduous crimson wax-like recommendations on secondary wing feathers. Virtually all the time seen in flocks.


 chipping sparrow
 chipping sparrow glamour - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

5-5 1/2″ (13-14 cm). A small sparrow. Upperparts are brown, streaked with black; underparts, sides of face, and rump are grey. Grownup has chestnut crown, white eyebrow, with skinny black line by way of eye. Younger birds have streaked crown, buff eyebrow, and duller underparts.

  Cinnamon teal Cinnamon Teal - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

14-17″ (36-43 cm). Male vivid rufous with pale blue shoulder patches. Feminine mottled sandy brown, dusky, with pale blue shoulder patches; face plainer than feminine Blue-wing’s, however the two are sometimes not distinguishable within the subject.


  clark’s nutcracker clarks nutcracker - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

12-13″ (30-33 cm). Pigeon-sized, with flashing black, white, and grey sample. Gentle grey, with darkish eye and lengthy, sharply pointed invoice. Black wing with giant white wing patch at trailing edge; black tail with white outer tail feathers. Face white from brow to chin; stomach white. Crow-like flight.

  clark’s grebe ClarksGrebe Vyn 110928 0011 - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

22-29″ (56-74 cm). A big slender grebe with a protracted neck. Similar to Western Grebe, however black of cap doesn’t attain eyes, so face is essentially white; invoice vivid yellow or orange-yellow.

 clay coloured sparrow clay colored sparrow glamor chris wood - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

5-5 1/2″ (13-14 cm). A small sparrow with streaked crown and buffy upperparts and clear grey breast; just like an immature Chipping Sparrow however brighter, with rump brownish buff as a substitute of lead grey, sides of neck grey, and buff cheek patch bordered above and beneath with black. Grasshopper Sparrow has buff underparts. See Brewer’s Sparrow.


cliff swallow
cliff%20swallow - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

5-6″ (13-15 cm). Sparrow-sized. A stocky, square-tailed swallow with pale buff rump. Upperparts uninteresting steel-blue; underparts buff-white; throat darkish chestnut; brow white. Southwestern birds have chestnut foreheads. Cave Swallow of Texas and Southwest is analogous however smaller, with darker rump and pale buff throat.

  widespread grackle common grackle glamor - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

12″ (30 cm). Jay-sized. Lengthy, wedge-shaped tail displaying a longitudinal ridge or keel when in flight. Seems all black at a distance however is definitely extremely iridescent, with colours various from blue to purple to inexperienced to bronze, relying on the sunshine. Vibrant yellow eyes. Feminine duller and considerably smaller than male.

  widespread loon common loon glamor joe urban - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

28-36″ (71-91 cm). A big, heavy-bodied loon with a thick, pointed, normally black or darkish grey invoice held horizontally. In breeding plumage, head and neck black with white bands on neck; again black with white spots. In winter, crown, hindneck, and upperparts darkish grayish; throat and underparts white.

  widespread evening hawk common nighthawk glamor phillipsimmons - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

10″ (25 cm). A jay-sized chicken, mottled brownish-black above and beneath, completely matching the bottom. Lengthy notched or square-tipped tail and lengthy pointed wings with broad white wing bar. Male has white throat patch and white subterminal tail bar. Feminine has buffy throat patch and no tail bar. Flight excessive and fluttery.

  Frequent goldeneyeCommon Goldeneye - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

16-20″ (41-51 cm). Male has white physique; black again; black-appearing (truly shiny greenish) head; and enormous, spherical white spot in entrance of eye. Eye vivid yellow. Feminine grayish, with heat brown head, white neck ring, and darkish invoice. Each sexes have a particular puffy head form and a big white wing patch, conspicuous in flight. See Barrow’s Goldeneye.


widespread merganser  Common Merganser - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

22-27″ (56-69 cm). Male has flashing white sides, inexperienced head, white breast, and lengthy, skinny crimson invoice. Feminine has grey physique and sides; reddish-brown crested head sharply set off from white throat. Purple-breasted Merganser is analogous, however male has grey sides, white neck ring, and rust-colored breast; feminine has reddish-brown head that blends into grey of neck.

 widespread yellowthroat CommonYellowthroat Vyn 090516 0021 - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

4 1/2-6″ (11-15 cm). Olive-brown above, vivid yellow on throat and higher breast. Male has daring black masks, bordered above with white. Females and younger males lack face masks, however could also be acknowledged by vivid yellow throat and wren-like conduct.

 cooper’s hawk coopers%20hawk - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

14-20″ (36-51 cm). W. 28″ (71 cm). A crow-sized hawk, with lengthy tail and quick rounded wings. Grownup slate-gray above, with darkish cap, and finely rust-barred beneath. Immature brown above, whitish beneath with positive streaks. Tail tip rounded, not squared-off. See Sharp-shinned Hawk.

cordillean flycatcher  Cordilleran%20Flycatcher - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

5 1/2-6″ (14-15 cm). Olive-brown above, with yellow throat and stomach separated by dusky olive breast; elongated white eye ring and light-weight wing bars. Fall birds could also be duller. Invoice lengthy and huge, decrease mandible vivid yellow. Similar in look to Pacific-slope Flycatcher; distinguishable solely by voice and vary.


 darkish eyed junco dark%20eyed%20junco - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

5-6 1/4″ (13-16 cm). This species exhibits a lot geographic variation in shade. Sometimes, male of western inhabitants (“Oregon Junco”) has black hood, chestnut mantle, white underparts with buff sides. Japanese male (“Slate-colored Junco”) is darkish slate-gray on head, higher breast, flanks, and upperparts, with white decrease breast and stomach. Each kinds have pink invoice and darkish grey tail with white outer tail feathers conspicuous in flight. The pine forests of the Black Hills in western South Dakota and japanese Montana have an remoted inhabitants (“White-winged Junco”) just like the japanese type however with 2 white wing bars and in depth white outer tail feathers. Birds of the Southwest (“Grey-headed Juncos”) are grey general, with a reddish-brown again. Feminine “Oregon Junco” has grey hood; females of all kinds much less colourful.

 double crested cormorant double%20crested%20cormorant - HEALTH AND FITNESS

30-35 (76-89 cm). A solidly constructed black cormorant with orange throat pouch and lengthy neck. Lengthy hooked invoice tilted upward when chicken swims. Adults have quick tuft of feathers over every eye throughout breeding season. Younger birds are browner, whitish or buffy on breast, higher stomach, and neck. In flight, the neck exhibits a slight criminal, not seen in the same Brandt’s Cormorant, the bigger Nice Cormorant, or the smaller Neotropic.

 downy woodpecker downy woodpecker glamour - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

6″ (15 cm). A sparrow-sized, black and white woodpecker. Small crimson patch on nape in males. Just like Bushy Woodpecker, however smaller and with quick, stubby invoice.

  dusky flycatchers DuskyFlycatcher5 S - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

5 1/4-6″ (13-15 cm). Again grey with slight olive tinge; breast buffy, with mild throat; stomach very pale yellow. Slender white eye ring and white wing bars; lengthy tail.


 eared grebe EaredGrebe Vyn 100606 1014 - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

12-14″ (30-36 cm). A small, slender-necked, slender-billed grebe. In breeding plumage, black head and again; golden ear tufts; black crest. In winter plumage, darkish grey above, white beneath; neck dusky. Comparable in winter to Horned Grebe, however chunkier, and invoice seems barely upturned, sides of face smudged with grey, whitish patch behind ear.

 japanese kingbird Eastern Kingbird Chris Wood glamor - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

8-9″ (20-23 cm). Blackish head, blue-black mantle and wings; black tail with white terminal band; white beneath. Purple feathers in center of crown normally hid. Lengthy crown feathers and upright posture give it a particular silhouette.

  eurasian collared dove eurasian collared dove glamor - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

13-14″ (31-34 cm). W. 25-28″ (63-70 cm). Bigger than a Mourning Dove. Typically gray-brown with vinous pink flush, particularly on chest. Distinctive black collar marking on nape, edged in white, not all the time seen within the subject. Darkish primaries and pale gray-brown mantle separated by a silvery patch on the wing wrist; underwings white. Tail not sharply pointed as in Mourning Dove, banded white beneath, darkish close to rump. Darkish eye and invoice; legs crimson.

  european starling european starling glamour1 - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

7 1/2-8 1/2″ (19-22 cm). Smaller than a robin. A brief-tailed, chunky, iridescent black chicken; lengthy pointed invoice, yellow in summer season and darkish in fall and early winter. Plumage flecked with white in winter. Juvenile is uniform uninteresting grey with darkish invoice.

  night grosbeak evening grosbeak sim - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

7 1/2-8 1/2″ (19-22 cm). Starling-sized, stocky finch with a really giant, pale greenish or yellowish conical invoice. Male has brown head shading to yellow on decrease again, rump, and underparts; vivid yellow brow and eyebrow; daring white wing patches. Feminine comparable however grayer.


 ferruginous hawk Ferruginous%20Hawk - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

22 1/2 -25″ (57-64 cm). W. 4′ 8″ (1.4 m). A big hawk. Gentle-phase grownup rufous above, primarily whitish beneath, with rufous “wrist” patch and leg feathers, and black main suggestions. In uncommon darkish section, deep rufous above and beneath, tail whitish. Legs and toes feathered all the way down to talons. Immatures resemble light-phase adults however with few or no rufous markings.

 forster’s  tern forsters%20tern - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

14-15″ (36-38 cm). White with pale grey again and wings, black cap, and deeply forked tail. Invoice orange with black tip. Just like Frequent Tern, however wing suggestions frosty white, invoice extra orange. In winter, lacks black cap however has distinctive black mark behind eye.

 franklin’s gull FranklinsGull - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

13-15″ (33-38 cm). A slender gull with a black hood in breeding plumage, just like Laughing Gull, however smaller, paler. In summer season, grownup has darkish grey again and wings; trailing fringe of wing is white, wing tip is black, separated from grey by white spots. Smudgy half-hood in winter. Younger chicken is darkish brown with contrasting white rump and broad black tail band. See Laughing Gull.

 gadwall  Gadwall - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

18-21″ (46-53 cm). Male is a medium-sized grayish duck with white patch on hind fringe of wing, black rump, and sandy brown head. Feminine mottled brown, with white patch on hind fringe of wing.


  golden eagle golden eagle glamor - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

30-41″ (76-104 cm). W. 6′ 6″ (2 m). A big, all-dark eagle with a pale golden nape. Invoice smaller and darker than that of Bald Eagle. In younger birds, tail white at base, black at tip; white patches on undersides of wings.

  grey jay GrayJay Vyn 100506 0264 - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

10-13″ (25-33 cm). Grey above, whitish beneath. Brow and throat white; nape and stripe by way of eye uninteresting black. Immatures sooty-gray.

 nice blue heron great blue heron 3 - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

39-52″ (99-132 cm). W. 5’10” (1.8 m). A standard giant, primarily grayish heron with a pale or yellowish invoice. Typically mistaken for a Sandhill Crane, however flies with its neck folded, not prolonged like that of a crane. In southern Florida an all-white type, “Nice White Heron,” differs from Nice Egret in being bigger, with greenish-yellow slightly than black legs.

  nice tailed grackle Great tailed Grackle - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

Male, 16-17″ (41-43 cm); feminine, 12-13″ (30-33 cm). Tail very lengthy and keel-shaped. Male black, with iridescent purple on again and breast. Feminine smaller, brown with a pale breast. Eyes all the time yellow. Frequent Grackle is smaller; feminine lacks pale breast. Boat-tailed Grackle of salt marshes very comparable, however males are iridescent blue or blue-green and infrequently have brown eyes. Most simply distinguished by name.

  higher scaup Greater%20Scaup - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

15-20″ (38-51 cm). Male has very mild grey physique, blackish chest, and black-appearing, green-glossed head. Feminine is a uniform darkish brown with white patch at base of invoice. Each sexes have lengthy whitish wing stripe. See Lesser Scaup.

  nice white fronted goose Greater%20White fronted%20Goose - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

27-30″ (69-76 cm). A dusky-brown goose with conspicuous white stomach and undertail coverts; white patch on entrance of face; underparts barred and flecked with black. Invoice normally pink; legs orange. Birds from Greenland have orange payments. Younger birds lack white face and black bars on underparts.


 higher yellow legs greater%20yellow%20legs - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

14″ (36 cm). A slender, gray-streaked wader with conspicuous white rump and lengthy yellow legs. Lesser Yellowlegs is analogous however smaller, with a shorter, straighter, and extra slender invoice and a distinct name.

  inexperienced tailed towhee  green tailed towhee glamor ganesh jayaraman3 - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

6 1/4-7″ (16-18 cm). A ground-dwelling species, smaller than the opposite towhees. Rufous cap; olive inexperienced above; white throat and stomach; grey breast. White lores and darkish “mustache” stripe. Yellow wing linings. Sexes comparable.

 inexperienced winged teal
 Green winged Teal - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

12-16″ (30-41 cm). A small darkish duck. Male has chestnut head, inexperienced ear patch, flashing inexperienced speculum, pale grey sides, and pinkish breast with a vertical white stripe down the aspect. Feminine is darkish brown with out distinctive markings. “Frequent Teal,” race in Outdated World, has horizontal white stripe above flanks and no vertical white stripes on sides.

 furry woodpecker
 hairy%20woodpecker - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

9″ (23 cm). A robin-sized woodpecker. Black and white, with unspotted white again and lengthy invoice; male has crimson head patch. Like most woodpeckers it has an undulating flight. See Downy Woodpecker.


 hammonds flycatcher
 hammondsflycatcher glamor - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

5-5 1/2″ (13-14 cm). Olive-gray above; mild throat, grey breast, pale yellow stomach. Conspicuous white eye ring and white wing bars. Throat not as white as Alder Flycatcher’s, breast darker and invoice narrower and shorter than Dusky Flycatcher’s, however subject identification may be very tough. Flicks wings and tail extra vigorously than different Comparable Species.

 hermit thrush hermit thrush glamor - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

6 1/2 -7 1/2″ (17-19 cm). Smaller than a robin. The one one in all our brown, noticed thrushes with uninteresting brown upperparts and a strongly contrasting rusty tail. Incessantly flicks its tail.

  herring gull herring gull glamor - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

23-26″ (58-66 cm). Grownup white with mild grey again and wings; wing tip black with white spots; invoice yellow with crimson spot on decrease mandible; toes pink or flesh coloured. First-year birds brownish. Acquires grownup plumage in 4 years. See California Gull.


 hooded merganser hooded%20merganser - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

16-19″ (41-48 cm). A small duck with a slender pointed invoice. Male has white, fan-shaped, black-bordered crest, blackish physique with uninteresting rusty flanks, and white breast with 2 black stripes down aspect. Feminine is uninteresting gray-brown, with hotter brown head and crest. Each sexes present white wing patch in flight.

 horned grebe hornedgrebe glamour glennbartley - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

12-15″ (30-38 cm). Small, slender-necked, with quick, sharply pointed invoice. In breeding plumage, physique darkish, with rufous neck and flanks; head blackish, with conspicuous buff ear tufts. In winter, upperparts darkish; chin and foreneck white. The commonest saltwater grebe within the East.

  horned lark HornedLark Vyn 100424 0068 2 - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

7-8″ (18-20 cm). Bigger than a sparrow. Brown, with black stripe beneath eye and white or yellowish stripe above, black crescent on breast, and black “horns” (not all the time seen). Walks slightly than hops. In flight, tail is black with white edges. Comparable-looking pipits have brown tails and lack face sample.

 home finch house finch glamour - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

5-6″ (13-15 cm). Sparrow-sized. Most grownup males vivid crimson on crown, breast, and rump, however much less extensively so than male Cassin’s and Purple Finches. Feminine has plain, unstriped head and heavy streaking on mild underside. Immature males much less extremely coloured, usually orangish or yellowish on head and breast.


  home sparrow house sparrow glamour - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

5-6 1/2″ (13-17 cm). Male has black throat, white cheeks, and chestnut nape; grey crown and rump. Feminine and younger are streaked uninteresting brown above, dingy white beneath, with pale eyebrow.

  home wren house wren glamour - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

4 1/2 -5 1/4″ (11-13 cm). A tiny chicken with a brief tail, usually held cocked over the again. Dusky brown above, paler beneath, with no distinctive markings. Winter Wren is analogous however smaller and darker, with shorter tail and pale eyebrow.

juniper titmouse  JuniperTitmouse - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

5 3/4″ (15 cm). Grownup plain grey above, paler grey beneath; crest grey. Tail lengthy.

 killdeerkilldeer glamor - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

9/11″ (23-28 cm). Our largest “ringed” plover. Brown above and white beneath, with 2 black bands throughout breast, lengthy legs, and comparatively lengthy tail. In flight, exhibits rusty uppertail coverts and rump.

  lark sparrowLarkSpar LukeSeitz - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

5 1/2-6 1/2″ (14-17 cm). Head boldly patterned with black, chestnut, and white; streaked above; white beneath, with black spot in heart of breast; tail black with white edges.


 lesser scaupLesser%20Scaup - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

15-18″ (38-46 cm). Male has very mild grey physique, blackish chest, and black-appearing head. Just like the Better Scaup, however crown is greater and brow steeper, giving the pinnacle a extra angular look. Head of male glossed with purple, not inexperienced. Feminine darkish brown with a small white face patch; not simply distinguishable from feminine Better Scaup. In flight, white stripe is shorter than that of the Better Scaup, which extends three-fourths of the wing’s

 lesser goldfinchlesser goldfinch glamor lois manowitz - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

3 1/2-4″ (9-10 cm). Two types of males: black-backed, which happen in southern a part of vary, and green-backed within the western half; each have black crown, white markings on black wing and tail, with vivid yellow underparts. Nonbreeding black-backed male turns greenish, however each races retain black cap. Feminine is just like American Goldfinch however smaller, with darkish rump. Immature is just like feminine, however with greener underparts.

 lesser yellowlegslesseryellowlegs - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

10 1/2″ (27 cm). A slender, gray-streaked wader with conspicuous white rump and lengthy yellow legs. A smaller, extra slender version of the Better Yellowlegs, with a proportionately shorter, straighter, extra slender invoice. Seems longer-legged than Better Yellowlegs.

 lincoln’s sparrowLincolns%20Sparrow - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

5-6″ (13-15 cm). Crown has 2 rusty stripes; grey eyebrow. Buff band, finely streaked with black, throughout higher breast. Just like Music Sparrow, however extra finely streaked and shyer.


  lengthy billed dowitcherLong billed%20Dowitcher - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

12″ (30 cm). A snipe-like, long-billed shorebird with white decrease again and rump, black and white checkered tail, darkish invoice, inexperienced legs. Summer season adults have reddish underparts (together with stomach), with barring on breast, sides, and flanks, and reddish edges on feathers of upperparts. Winter birds grey general, with pale eyebrow and white decrease again and rump. See Brief-billed Dowitcher.

  mac gillivrays warblerMacGillivrays%20Warbler - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

4 3/4-5 1/2″ (12-14 cm). Slate grey hood extending to higher breast, the place it darkens to black. Olive inexperienced above, yellow beneath; feminine barely paler. Each sexes have damaged white eye ring. In fall, hood lighter, damaged eye ring much less distinct.

  mallardmallard - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

18-27″ (46-69 cm). Male has a inexperienced head, white neck ring, chestnut breast, and grayish physique; internal feathers of wing (speculum) are metallic purplish blue, bordered in back and front with white. Feminine mottled brown with white tail and purplish-blue speculum; mottled orange and brown invoice. Kind in Southwest (“Mexican Duck”) just like typical feminine Mallard however darker; speculum blue; invoice of male yellow-green; invoice of feminine dusky orange; no white in tail.

 merlinmerlin glamor1 - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

10-14″ (25-36 cm). W. 23″ (58 cm). A jay-sized falcon, stockier than American Kestrel. Slate coloured (males) or brownish (females) above; mild and streaked beneath. Lengthy tail boldly banded. Lacks facial stripes of most different falcons.


 mountain chickadeemountain chickadee glamour - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

5-5 3/4″ (13-15 cm). Just like Black-capped Chickadee, however with white eyebrow and pale grey flanks.

 mountain bluebirdMountainBluebird Vyn 100423 0015 - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

7″ (18 cm). Male pure sky-blue above, paler blue beneath, with a white stomach; feminine comparable, however duller and grayer.

 mourning dovemourning dove glamor - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

12″ (30 cm). Gentle, sandy buff with a protracted pointed tail bordered with white. Black spots on wings.


 nashville warblernashville%20warbler - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

4-5″ (10-13 cm). Olive inexperienced above, vivid yellow beneath, with prime and sides of head grey, slender white eye ring, and inconspicuous patch of rust on crown. Differs from Mourning Warbler and MacGillivray’s Warbler in having yellow throat, not grey or black, and full white eye ring.

 northern goshawknorthern%20goshawk - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

20-26″ (51-66 cm). W. 3′ 6″ (1.1 m). A strong hawk with a protracted slender tail, quick rounded wings, and daring white eyebrow. Adults blue-gray above with a black crown; pale underparts finely barred with grey. Younger chicken comparable in dimension and form, however brown above, streaked beneath.

 northern tough winged swallowNorthern%20Rough winged%20Swallow - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

5-5 3/4″ (13-15 cm). Pale brown above, white beneath, with dingy brown throat. Financial institution Swallow is analogous, however smaller, and has white throat and brown breast band.


 northern shoveler
northern%20shoveler - HEALTH AND FITNESS   

17-20″ (43-51 cm). Massive shovel-shaped invoice. Male has inexperienced head, white physique, and chestnut flanks. Feminine streaked brown with pale blue shoulder patches; just like feminine Blue-winged Teal, however invoice a lot bigger.

northern shrike
 northern%20shrike - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

9-10 1/2″ (23-27 cm). Robin-sized. Pale grey above, white beneath, with faint barring on underparts, and daring black masks ending at invoice. Black tail with white edges. Stout, hooked invoice. Immature is browner. Often seen perched atop a tree within the open. Loggerhead Shrike is shorter-billed, with black masks that crosses brow.

northern flicker
 northern flicker glamour - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

12″ (30 cm). A big brownish woodpecker. Brown again with darkish bars and spots; whitish or buff beneath with black spots; black crescent on breast; white rump, seen in flight. Japanese birds (“Yellow-shafted Glints”) have crimson patch on nape and yellow wing linings; male has black mustache. Western birds (“Purple-shafted Glints”) lack nape patch and have salmon-pink wing linings; males have crimson “mustache.”

 northern harrierNorthernHarrier Vyn 060611 0008 - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

16-24″ (41-61 cm). W. 3′ 6″ (1.1 m). An extended-winged, long-tailed hawk with a white rump, normally seen gliding unsteadily over marshes with its wings held in a shallow V. Male has pale grey again, head, and breast; wing suggestions black. Feminine and younger are brown above, streaked beneath, younger birds with a rusty tone.


 northern pintailnorthernpintail - HEALTH AND FITNESS   Male, 25-29″ (64-74 cm); feminine, 21-23″ (53-58 cm). Lengthy-necked slender duck. Male has brown head, white underparts and neck with white line extending onto aspect of head, grayish again and sides, and lengthy, black, pointed central tail feathers. Speculum metallic brown and inexperienced with white rear border that exhibits in flight. Toes grey. Feminine mottled brown, just like feminine Mallard, however paler, grayer, and extra slender, with brown speculum bordered with white at rear edge solely; tail is extra pointed than in feminine Mallard  orange topped warblerOrange crowned%20Warbler - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

4 1/2-5 1/2″ (11-14 cm). Olive inexperienced above with orange crown feathers, which normally stay hidden. Olive-yellow underparts with very faint breast streaking. No eye ring or wing bars.

  ospreyosprey glamor - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

21-24″ (53-61 cm). W. 4′ 6 “-6′ (1.4-1.8 m). A big, long-winged “fish hawk.” Brown above and white beneath; head white with darkish line by way of eye and on aspect of face. Wing exhibits distinctive bend at “wrist.” At a distance, can resemble a gull..

 peregrine falconperegrine falcon glamor - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

15-21″ (38-53 cm). W. 3′ 4″ (1 m). A big sturdy falcon with a black hood and huge black “mustaches.” Adults slate-gray above and pale beneath, with positive black bars and spots. Younger birds brown or brownish slate above, closely streaked beneath.


  pied-billed grebePied billed%20Grebe - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

12-15″ (30-38 cm). Pigeon-sized. A stocky, uniformly brownish water chicken, with stout whitish invoice that has black ring round it throughout breeding season.

 pine siskinpine siskin glamor - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

4 1/2-5″ (11-13 cm). A darkish, streaked finch with notched tail and small patches of yellow in wings and tail. Often seen in flocks, which have a particular flight sample: the birds alternately bunch up after which disperse in undulating flight.

 plumbeous vireoPlumbeous%20Vireo - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

5-6″ (13-15 cm). Grey crown, nape, face, and again; white throat and underparts; white wing-bars and flight feather edges; giant white “spectacles”; sides of breast olive-gray, flanks generally with yellowish tinge.

 prarie falconprairie%20falcon - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

17-20″ (43-51 cm). W. 3′ 6″ (1.1 m). A big falcon, sandy brown above, whitish or pale buff beneath with positive spots and streaks, slender brown “mustache” stripe, and darkish wing linings.


crimson tailed hawk

18-25″ (46-64 cm). W. 4′ (1.2 m). A big stocky hawk. Typical light-phase birds have whitish breast and rust-colored tail. Younger birds duller, extra streaked, missing rust-colored tail of grownup; they’re distinguished from Purple-shouldered and Swainson’s hawks by their stocky construct, broader, extra rounded wings, and white chest. This species fairly variable in shade, particularly in West, the place blackish people happen; these normally retain rusty tail.

 crimson breasted nut hatchred breasted nuthatch glamour1 - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

4 1/2 -4 3/4″ (11-12 cm). Smaller than a sparrow. Male has blue-gray upperparts, pale rust-colored underparts, black crown and line by way of eye, and white eyebrow. Feminine comparable, however crown is grey.

 crimson winged black chickenred winged blackbird glamour - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

7-9 1/2″ (18-24 cm). Smaller than a robin. Male is black with vivid crimson shoulder patches. Feminine and younger are closely streaked with dusky brown. See Tricolored Blackbird.

 crimson breasted merganserRed breasted%20Merganser - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

19-26″ (48-66 cm). Male has inexperienced head with wispy crest, grey sides, white neck ring, and rusty breast. Feminine grayish, with reddish-brown head shading step by step into grey of neck. Each sexes are crested and have crimson payments.


  crimson naped sapsuckerRed naped%20Sapsucker - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

8-9″ (20-23 cm). A furtive woodpecker mottled with off-white and black. Male has crimson crown, nape patch, and throat, throat patch incompletely enclosed by black. Feminine has white chin and crimson throat, lacks crimson nape patch. Each sexes uninteresting yellowish beneath. Immatures uninteresting brown. All plumages have conspicuous white wing patch, seen each at relaxation and in flight.

  crimson crossbillredcrossbill - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

5 1/4-6 1/2″ (13-17 cm). Sparrow-sized. Mandibles crossed at suggestions. Male dusky brick crimson. Feminine grey tinged with uninteresting inexperienced, brightest on rump. White-winged Crossbill has 2 white wing bars.

 redheadredhead - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

18-22″ (46-56 cm). Male grey, with brick-red head and black breast. Feminine duller and browner, with mild space round base of invoice; has bigger and rounder head than feminine Ring-necked Duck. Each sexes have pale grey wing stripe and pale blue-gray invoice. Comparable Canvasback has whiter physique and sloping brow and invoice.

 ring billed gullring billed gull glamor - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

18-20″ (46-51 cm). Grownup silvery grey on again, white on head, tail, and underparts. Just like Herring Gull however smaller, with greenish-yellow toes and slender black ring round invoice. Younger birds mottled brown, paler than younger Herring Gulls, with blackish tail band and flesh-colored legs. Acquires grownup plumage in 3 years. See Mew Gull.

ring necked duck
 ring necked duck glamor - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

14-18″ (36-46 cm). Male has black again and breast; purple-glossed, black-appearing angular head; pale grey flanks; vertical white mark on aspect of breast. Feminine brownish, paler round base of invoice, with slender white eye ring. Invoice pale grey with white ring. The excessive angular form of the pinnacle and white ring on invoice distinguish this chicken from the scaup.


 rock pigeon rock pigeon glamour1 - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

13 1/2″ (34 cm). The widespread pigeon of cities and cities. Chunky, with quick rounded tail. Sometimes bluish-gray with 2 slender black wing bands and broad black terminal tail band; white rump. There are a lot of shade variants, starting from all white by way of rusty to all black.

 ruby topped kingletruby crowned kinglet glamor - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

3 3/4-4 1/2″ (10-11 cm). Tiny. Just like Golden-crowned Kinglet, however greener, with no face sample aside from slender white eye ring. 2 white wing bars with darkish space past second. Males have tuft of crimson feathers on crown, stored hid until chicken is aroused. Hutton’s Vireo is bigger, with thicker invoice, bigger head, and no darkish space past second wing bar.

 ruddy duckRuddy Duck Petaluma - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

14-16″ (36-41 cm). A small, chunky duck with a protracted tail that’s usually held straight up. Male in breeding plumage has chestnut physique, black crown, and white cheeks. Feminine and winter male are dusky brown, with whitish cheeks of feminine crossed by a darkish stripe. Male’s invoice is blue in breeding season, black at different occasions.

 rufous hummingbirdrufous hummingbird glamor - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

3 1/2-4″ (9-10 cm). Male has vivid rufous upperparts and flanks and iridescent orange-red throat. Feminine inexperienced above, with rufous tinge on rump and flanks, and far rufous in tail. Grownup male Allen’s Hummingbird has inexperienced crown and again; feminine and immature Allen’s not safely separable from Rufous in subject, however have narrower outer tail feathers. Feminine Ruby-throated and Black-chinned comparable, however lack rufous on rump and flanks. See Calliope and Broad-tailed Hummingbirds.


  sagebrush sparrow
SagebrushFogarty - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

5-6″ (13-15 cm). Grey above; white stomach with small black midbreast spot. Again and sides striped, wings lighter with buff-colored feather edges that additionally type 2 wing bars. Pronounced white eye ring. Grey cheek, white eyebrow, black “mustache” stripe. Immatures browner and have white throat and positive darkish streaking on buff breast and stomach.

    sandhill craneSandhillCrane Vyn 110709 11271 - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

34-48″ (86-122 cm). W. 6′ 8″ (2 m). Very tall, with lengthy neck and legs. Largely grey, with crimson brow; immature browner, no crimson on head. Plumage usually seems rusty due to iron stains from water of tundra ponds.

 savannah sparrowSavannahSparrow Vyn 090528 1939 - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

4 1/2-6″ (11-15 cm). Pale and streaked, yellowish eyebrow and pinkish legs. Tail notched; different grassland sparrows have shorter, extra pointed tails.

  say’s phoebeSaysPhoebe Vyn 090419 0221 - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

7-8″ (18-20 cm). Dusky head, breast, and again, with darker wings and black tail. Gentle rust-colored stomach and undertail coverts.

 sharp shinned hawksharp shinned hawk glamor - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

10-14″ (25-36 cm). W. 21″ (53 cm). A jay-sized, fast-flying hawk with a protracted, slender, square-tipped tail and quick rounded wings. Grownup slate-gray above, pale beneath, with positive rust-colored barring. Immature birds brown above with whitish spots, creamy white beneath with streaks on breast, barring on flanks. Cooper’s Hawk is greater, with proportionately bigger head and extra rounded tail tip; flies with slower wingbeats.


 Northern Shovelershove billthompson2 - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

17-20″ (43-51 cm). Massive shovel-shaped invoice. Male has inexperienced head, white physique, and chestnut flanks. Feminine streaked brown with pale blue shoulder patches; just like feminine Blue-winged Teal, however invoice a lot bigger.

 snow gooseSnow Goose - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

25-31″ (64-79 cm). Smaller than the home goose. Pure white with black wing suggestions; invoice pink with black “lips”; legs pink. Younger birds have darkish invoice and are mottled with brownish grey above. A darkish section, as soon as thought-about a separate species referred to as the “Blue Goose,” has bluish-gray upperparts, brownish underparts, and white head and neck. Blue-phase birds have unfold westward in latest a long time and are actually discovered domestically all through their winter vary among the many 1000’s of white Snow Geese.

 snowy egretsnowyegret - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

20-27″ (51-69 cm). W. 3’2″ (97 cm). A small, delicate white heron with a slender black invoice, black legs, and yellow toes. In breeding season, it has lengthy lacy plumes on its head, neck, and again. Immature chicken just like grownup, however lacks plumes and has yellow stripe up again of leg. Grownup Cattle Egret has pale invoice, legs, and toes; immature has darkish invoice, legs, and toes. A lot bigger Nice Egret has yellow invoice and black legs and toes. Just like immature of much less widespread Little Blue Heron, however that species has a stouter, bluish-gray invoice, greenish-yellow legs and toes, no yellow pores and skin between eyes and base of invoice.


 solitary sandpiperSolitary%20Sandpiper - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

8 1/2″ (22 cm). A small darkish sandpiper with darkish olive legs, speckled upperparts, white tail barred with black, and outstanding eye ring. Flight is swallow-like. No white wing stripe, as seen in Noticed Sandpiper.


 tune sparrowsong sparrow 8 - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

5-7″ (13-18 cm). Heavy brown streaking on white underparts, with outstanding central breast spot (generally missing in juveniles). Subspecies present appreciable variations in dimension and colours, starting from pale sandy to darkish brown. Pumps its comparatively lengthy, rounded tail in flight.

 noticed sandpiperspotted sandpiper glamor - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

7 1/2″ (19 cm). A starling-sized shorebird that bobs its tail nearly continuously. Breeding adults are brown above, with daring white wing stripe, white beneath with daring black spots on breast and stomach. Fall birds lack black spots beneath, have brownish smudge at sides of breast.

 steller’s jaystellars%20jay - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

12-13 1/2″ (30-34 cm). The one western jay with a crest. Entrance half of chicken sooty black, rear darkish blue-gray, with tight black crossbarring on secondaries and tail. Evenly streaked eyebrow, chin, and brow markings range significantly.


 swainson’s hawkswainsons hawk1 - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

18-22″ (46-56 cm). W. 4′ 1″ (1.2 m). A big hawk, uniform brown above, white beneath with warm-brown breast; tail darkish brown and indistinctly banded. Longer, extra pointed wings than Purple-tailed Hawk. Younger chicken just like immature Purple-tail, however tends to have darker markings on the breast, whereas younger Purple-tails are extra closely marked on flanks and stomach. A uncommon all-dark type additionally happens. Soars with wings held in shallow V.

 townsend’s solitaireTownsends%20Solitaire - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

8-9 1/2″ (20-24 cm). A slender chicken, resembling a mockingbird. Grey general, unstreaked, barely darker above, with skinny white eye ring and white outer tail feathers; pale rusty wing patch. Juveniles are mottled grey and white. Sits upright, normally excessive on a department.

 tree swallowTreeSwallow Vyn 090501 0005 - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

5-6 1/4″(13-16 cm). Sparrow-sized. Metallic blue or blue-green above and clear white beneath. Younger birds are uninteresting brown above however could also be distinguished from Financial institution and Northern Tough-winged swallows by their clearer white underparts. See Violet-green Swallow.

 turkey vultureturkey vulture glamor - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

25-32″ (64-81 cm). W. 6′ (1.8 m). Eagle-sized blackish chicken, normally seen hovering over the countryside. In flight, the lengthy wings are held upward in a large, shallow V; flight feathers silvery beneath. Tail lengthy; head small, naked, and reddish; grey in immatures. Just like Black Vulture, however wings narrower; flaps wings much less ceaselessly and rolls and sways backward and forward.

 vesper sparrowVesperSparrow Vyn 100524 0198 - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

5-6 1/2″ (13-17 cm). A grayish, streaked sparrow with white outer tail feathers, slender white eye ring, and a small patch of chestnut on bend of wing.


 violet inexperienced swallowViolet green%20Swallow - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

5-5 1/2″ (13-14 cm). Darkish, metallic, bronze-green upperparts; iridescent violet rump and tail, the latter barely forked; white underparts. White cheek extending above eye and white on sides of rump distinguish it from Tree Swallow.

 virginia’s warblerVirginias Warbler MG 0270 - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

4-4 1/4″ (10-11 cm). Male grey above, with yellow breast, rump, and undertail coverts. Throat and stomach white. Chestnut crown patch and white eye ring seen at shut vary. Feminine is duller.

 warbling vireoWarblingVireo Vyn 100514 0011 - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

5-6″ (13-15 cm). Sparrow-sized. Just like Purple-eyed Vireo: olive-green above, whitish beneath, with no wing bars-but lacks daring face sample, having solely a slender white eyebrow. The Philadelphia Vireo can be comparable, however has yellow tinge to underparts and darkish spot between eye and base of invoice.

 western bluebirdwestern%20bluebird - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

6-7″ (15-18 cm). An extended-winged, slightly short-tailed chicken. Male has deep blue hood and upperparts; rusty crimson breast and crescent mark throughout higher again; white stomach. Feminine sooty grey above, with uninteresting blue wings and tail. Juveniles like feminine however grayer, with speckled underparts. Feminine Japanese Bluebird just like feminine Western, however normally has pale rusty, not grayish, throat.

 western tanagerWestern%20Tanager - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

6-7 1/2″ (15-19 cm). Grownup male has good crimson head, vivid yellow physique, with black again, wings, and tail. 2 wing bars; smaller uppermost bar yellow, decrease one white. Feminine is yellow-green above, yellow beneath; wing bars just like male’s.


 western wooden peeweeWestern%20Wood Pewee - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

6 1/2″ (17 cm). A sparrow-sized flycatcher, uninteresting olive-gray above, barely paler beneath, with 2 whitish wing bars. Japanese Wooden-Pewee of japanese United States extraordinarily comparable, however typically much less darkish beneath; the 2 species are greatest distinguished by voice. Empidonax flycatchers are smaller and normally have noticeable eye ring.

 western meadowlarkwestern meadowlark glamor - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

8 1/2-11″ (22-28 cm). Robin-sized. Streaked brown above, vivid yellow beneath, with a daring black V on breast. Similar to Japanese Meadowlark, however upperparts paler, and yellow of throat extends onto cheeks. Greatest recognized by voice.

 western scrub jaywestern scrub jay glamour - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

11-13″ (28-33 cm). Robin-sized, however giant robust invoice and lengthy tail make it seem bigger. Head, wings, and tail blue (conspicuous when it glides in a protracted, undulating flight); again uninteresting brown; underparts mild grey. No crest; dusky face masks. White throat offset by incomplete blue necklace. See Grey-breasted Jay.

 western grebeWesternGrebe Vyn 110929 0152 - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

22-29″ (56-74 cm). A big slender grebe with a protracted neck. Blackish above with black of cap extending beneath eyes; white beneath and on entrance of neck. Invoice lengthy, slender, and greenish yellow. Lengthy white wing stripe exhibits in flight. See Clark’s Grebe.

 western kingbirdWesternKingbird Vyn 100524 0194 - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

8-9″ (20-23 cm). Olive-brown above, yellow beneath; grey head, lighter grayish throat and higher breast. Dusky wings and blackish tail with white margins. Purple crown feathers not usually seen.


 western sandpiperWesternSandpiper Vyn 100430 0160 - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

6 1/2″ (17 cm). Just like Semipalmated Sandpiper and never all the time straightforward to tell apart, however invoice tends to be longer, with extra evident droop at tip. In summer season, crown and higher again rusty; in winter, crown and higher again uninteresting grey.


 white throated swiftwhite%20throated%20swift - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

6-7″ (15-18 cm). The scale of a Barn Swallow, however with the standard stiff, quick wingbeats of a swift. Putting piebald look within the air; seen from beneath, wings, flanks, and tail black, the remaining white.

 white breasted nuthatchwhite breasted nuthatch glamour1 - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

5-6″ (13-15 cm). Sparrow-sized. Blue-gray above, white underparts and face, black crown. Often seen creeping on tree trunks, head downward.


 white topped sparrowwhite crowned sparrow glamor - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

6-7 1/2″ (15-19 cm). Just like White-throated Sparrow, however extra slender, with out white throat, and usually with a extra erect posture. Crown has daring black and white stripes. Upperparts streaked, underparts clear pearly grey. Pink invoice. Younger birds comparable, however crown stripes buff and darkish brown, underparts washed with uninteresting buff.

 white confronted ibisWhite faced%20Ibis - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

22-25″ (56-64 cm). W. 3’1″ (94 cm). A big, chestnut-bronze marsh chicken with a protracted, down-curved invoice. Similar to the Shiny Ibis of the East, however with band of white feathers round naked face, and crimson eyes and legs. Shiny Ibis has slender band of white pores and skin round fringe of naked face, brown eyes, and grey legs. In winter, White-faced Ibis has streaks on head and neck, and brown eyes; it’s then just about inconceivable to tell apart the 2 species.

 white winged doveWhite winged%20Dove - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

12″ (30 cm). A brownish-gray dove with blackish wings which have a broad diagonal white bar; rounded tail has whitish corners noticeable in flight.

 willow flycatcherWillow%20Flycatcher - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

6″ (15 cm). Barely smaller than a Home Sparrow. Boring gray-green above, whitish beneath, with 2 uninteresting white wing bars and slender white eye ring (usually not noticeable). Distinguishable from Alder Flycatcher solely by voice, breeding habitat, and nest. Different western Empidonax flycatchers have extra conspicuous eye ring or are grayer above.

 wilson’s snipeWilsons Snipe Chris Wood glamor - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

10 1/2″ (27 cm). An extended-billed, brownish shorebird with striped head and again, white stomach, and rust in tail. Often seen when flushed from fringe of a marsh or a pond. Flight quick and erratic.

 wilson’s pharalopewilsonspharalope - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

9″ (23 cm). A strikingly patterned shorebird with a needle-like invoice, pearl-gray head and again, white underparts, black stripe by way of eye and down neck, and chestnut markings on breast and again. In fall plumage, pale grey above, white beneath; on this plumage, pale shade, extra terrestrial habits, and slender invoice distinguish it from different phalaropes. Females extra boldly patterned than males.

 wilson’s warblerWilsonsWarbler Vyn 090606 5182 - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

4 1/2-5″ (11-13 cm). Grownup male olive inexperienced above and yellow beneath, with black crown patch. Most females and all younger birds lack black crown and could also be distinguished from different olive inexperienced warblers with yellow underparts by lack of wing bars, streaks, tail spots, or different markings.


 wooden duckwood%20duck - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

17-20″ (43-51 cm). A gorgeous, crested, multicolored duck. Male patterned in iridescent greens, purples, and blues with distinctive white chin patch and face stripes; invoice primarily crimson; tail lengthy. Feminine grayish with broad white eye ring.

 yellow-rumped warbleryellow%20rumped%20warbler - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

5-6″ (13-15 cm). Breeding male uninteresting bluish above, streaked with black; breast and flanks blackish. Rump, crown, and small space at sides of breast yellow. Western male (“Audubon’s Warbler”) has yellow throat, giant white patch in folded wing. Japanese male (“Myrtle Warbler”) has white throat, 2 white wing bars. Females, fall males, and younger are streaked gray-brown however all the time have yellow rump and white spots in tail.

yellow headed blackbird
 Yellow headedBlackbird - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

8-11″ (20-28 cm). Robin-sized. Male a lot bigger than feminine. Male is vivid yellow on head, neck and higher breast, blackish elsewhere, with conspicuous white markings on wings. Feminine duller and lighter; yellow on chest, throat, and face; no white wing marks.

 yellow warbler
YellowWarbler Vyn 090607 5600 - HEALTH AND FITNESS  

4 1/2-5″ (11-13 cm). Vibrant yellow with a light-weight olive inexperienced tinge on again. Male has positive rusty streaks on breast. The one largely yellow warbler with yellow spots within the tail (not white).




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