AARDVARK – a bent to cover from issues

ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN – denotes religious truths that aren’t simply accepted

ALLIGATOR – religious facets which are self-serving, can denotes an individual who assaults out of nowhere, individuals who lie in wait after which assault, an individual with vicious speech which is damaging

ANT – denotes cooperation with others

APE – cautions towards lack of individuality, pretending to be somebody who you aren’t, aping somebody, being a copycat as a substitute of your true self. An emblem of malice and ugliness. The ape was a holy animal in historic India, the god Hanuman, as within the epic Ramayana. He’s an emblem of energy, loyalty, and self-sacrifice. Within the Chinese language Zodiac, the ape is the ninth signal. The ape is the calendar image in historic Mexican cultures, lending its title (in Aztec Ozomatli, in Mayan Ba’tz) to the the day of the month. The ape was a god of dance, and people born underneath this signal have been anticipated to change into jugglers, pranksters, dancers, or singers. In historic mexico, the ape represents the wind. Within the historic Mexican fable of periodic “ends of the world”, the second period or “solar,” the wind-sun, was ended by devastating tornadoes, and the people of this period have been remodeled into apes. Apes in chains characterize the “satan” vanquished. It’s a image of insecurity and doubt about one’s personal position in life in addition to immodesty.

BABOON – immaturity or lack of individuality. Thoth, the god of knowledge, although typically showing with the top of an ibis, steadily seems as an previous, white caped baboon.

BADGER – denotes an individual with a ‘nagging’ character, often one who interferes with one other’s life. It’s a image of vice, afraid of the sunshine, and lives at the hours of darkness. The badger represents avarice as a result of it lives on it is personal physique fats.

BAT – denotes the usage of religious instinct in all facets of life

BEAGLE – (canine) refers to a sympathy in search of good friend

BEAR – an overbearing character of a good friend or state of affairs, somebody who can crush one other with only a look or a phrase  This detrimental creature is used within the enterprise world additionally to indicate a detrimental state of affairs. Combating and successful a battle with a bear denotes the triumph of Christ over the satan. In China, the bear symbolizes energy, Dreaming of a bear typically foretells the beginning of a son.

BEAST – denotes crude or unacceptable habits

BEAVER – denotes the flexibility to acknowledge one’s religious facets at “residence” whereas balancing and using “life’s” alternatives, industrious

BEDBUG – detrimental aspected associated to sleeping preparations or sleep patterns

BEE –  denotes industrious and cooperative teamwork and denotes diligence and a way of order. A beeswarm suggests an amazing state of affairs  Being stung by a bee can characterize a detrimental state of affairs. Dreaming of a bee flying away can symbolize demise because the bee is the soul, but when the bee flies into the mouth of the lifeless particular person, that particular person will come again to life. In the mediterranean civilizations, the bee was seen to be courageous, chaste, industrious, clear and lives harmoniously. The Christians seemed upon the bee hive because the church and the bees because the parishioners, who collected solely the perfect from all of the flowers. They have been symbols of purity and abstinence. Within the secular world, the bee was a royal image and the queen bee was lengthy considered a King. The sweetness symbolised Christ and his mercy. The sting was felt to be the final judgment.    

BEETLE – denotes detrimental interference’s in a single’s life conditions

BEHEMOTH – denotes a side in a single’s life that’s bigger than life, maybe overwhelming and too large to deal with alone

BIGFOOT – denotes facets of actuality that aren’t accepted

BIRD – denotes character traits, often excessive traits of magnificence, pleasure and love that transcendent high quality that lifts man from his decrease self to his greater self, from the fabric world to the religious world – see particular fowl kind for different connotations  A darkish, ugly fowl can denote an individual’s state of affection within the detrimental context. To see a fowl fly can symbolize the need to fly free or to succeed in heaven just like the angels.

BIRD OF PARADISE – denotes extravagant and elaborate ideas. On the constructive aspect, it may well symbolize lightness, closeness to God, and elimination from worldly considerations in addition to the Virgin Mary.

BLACKBIRD – denotes an omen

BLUEBIRD – denotes religious pleasure and contentedness, foretells blissful circumstances in a single’s life

BLUEJAY – denotes religious pleasure and contentedness

BOA CONSTRICTOR – a smothering or constricting state of affairs or relationship

BOAR – denotes a haughty character, or a bore to others, an aggressive animal, It has a fame as an emblem of unflinching braveness and ferocity. In christian iconology, the boar is an emblem of Christ. It’s nevertheless primarily of diabolical forces as within the case of tyrants. To the celts it symbolised navy braveness and energy.

BOBCAT – see lion

BOOKWORM – denotes a bent to build up data with out making use of it

BUFFALO – can denote gullibility, or perseverance

BUG – irritations in every day life.

BULL – could denote a bent towards narrow-mindedness, within the enterprise world nevertheless, denotes a constructive state of affairs, a driving power,a quickly rising market. Seeing a bull with a distorted head means stubbornness and ‘bullheadedness’. It typically symbolizes vitality and masculine energy. Bulls have been worshipped in lots of religions particularly as symbols of efficiency and for his or her horns which resemble the lunar crescent. The bull Taurus is the second signal of the Zodiac. (April 21 to Could 21) an earth signal. These born underneath the signal are stated to be clumsy earthbound, tenacious, and highly effective. This signal is dominated by the planet Venus which connects the love goddess to the bull.

BUZZARD – denotes a gloating nature, one who stands in wait to choose up what’s left over

BUTTERFLY – denotes renewal and rejuvenation, the flexibility to bounce again from setbacks or disappointments, a change of spirituality. They stand for magnificence and metamorphosis. It symbolizes the human soul. In Japan, the butterfly symbolizes younger womanhood. Two butterflies dancing about one one other symbolize marital happiness. In China, the butterfly symbolizes lengthy life and wonder.

CAMEL – denote cussed and silly beast of burden. They’ve very dangerous attitudes. Can denote vanity and haughtiness. They denote detrimental reactions. It additionally denotes obedience, tenacity and perseverance on the great aspect.

CANARY – can denote both a joyful emotion or on the detrimental aspect a gossip state of affairs.

CAT – denotes an impartial nature, or can denote detrimental character or conditions. It may imply uncooperativeness and isolation as properly. To see a black cat denotes dangerous luck. To see oneself petting a cat can imply you benefit from detrimental feelings. Concern over the well being of a cat can imply concern over a destruction behavior. Seeing the demise of a cat can imply the demise of a detrimental facet of oneself which is religious progress. Seeing black and white cats denotes seeing the great and dangerous sides of oneself, each the constructive and damaging aspect. To have a cat disappear represents reveals the facility of fine intentions to succeed. see kind of cat –

CATERPILLAR – denotes stage of life previous to transition into subsequent section of life and a necessity to organize oneself  To see a caterpillar consuming leaves denotes the damaging exercise to destroy one’s religious life.

CATTLE – denotes an absence of self-confidence or individuality

CENTAUR – A legendary monster, half horse and half man, the male’s head hooked up to the neck of the horse. Denotes discord and inside stress. Symbolizes the animal nature in man, untamed, and subservience to fundamental drives, their animal aspect.The Centaur in astrology is the ninth signal of the zodiac, capturing an arrow, a Hearth signal. These born underneath this signal are stated to be resolute, aggressive, spirited, and seekers of sunshine, power, and energy.

CHICKEN – denotes a sense of worry or reluctance to face state of affairs in life  Seeing a rooster with it is head minimize off signifies hysterical futility as a result of the particular person isn’t utilizing their head. It may be an emblem for timidity or lack of braveness.

CHIHUAHUA – (canine) see that you don’t underestimate the facility or talents of the opposite particular person in a state of affairs

CHIMERA – a monster, half lion, half goat and half serpent, having one head from every of those animals.. An emblem of imaginings or hearsay. In mythology, the chimera is alleged to be the daughter of Echidna, who was half serpent and half lady, and Typhon, a monster from the underworld. Within the fable, the Chimera was killed by Bellerophon, using on a winged horse named Pegasus. The Chimera seems on a number of coats of arms in cities like Corinth and Cyzicus. The triadic type stands for spring, summer time, and winter.

CHIMPANZEE – immaturity or lack of individuality

CICADA – The tree cricket. The sound denotes ‘elevated’ poetry, immortality or life after demise.A stylized cicada type represents “loyalty to 1’s ideas.

COCKERSPANIEL – (canine) denotes companionship, a trustworthy good friend, good associations

COCKROACH – denotes main irritations or disruptions in a single’s bodily, psychological, or religious life.

COLLIE – (canine) – denotes a trustworthy good friend, to see one blocking ones means, nevertheless, implies that one thing is obstructing your religious path.

COUGAR – denotes quiet energy and knowledge

COW – can denote compassion and expression of that emotion  It stands for the maternal nurturing powers of the earth.  It’s a universally constructive power. In India the sacred cow symbolizes fertility and abundance. Gradual shifting cows denote internal reluctance to do one thing in every day life

CRAB – denotes a detrimental character or state of affairs , if a number of crabs are seen, it’d denote a sexual illness. Crabs transfer backwards so denotes misfortune. In Christian symbology, the crab sheds its shell refers to “casting off the previous Adam” and resurrection from the confines of the grave. It may symbolize ‘nice flooding’.  The fourth signal of the Zodiac, (June 23 to July 22) Most cancers is a water signal, and ‘female’. Most cancers is the home of the Moon and it is steel is silver. Astrologers affiliate Most cancers with being pregnant, imprisonment, baptism, and rebirth and the awakening of the consciousness.  

CRANE – denotes a way of inquisitiveness. It is a image of renewal and of Christ resurrected. In China, it’s a image of longevity, additionally for knowledge. A crane hovering towards the solar denotes need for ‘social elevation’. Within the legends of India, nevertheless, it denotes deceit and knavery. It has additionally been denoted as an emblem of vigilance. See the opposite dream symbols to see if this image is constructive or detrimental.

CRAYFISH – denotes withdrawal from a accountability or state of affairs

CROCODILE – denotes underlying detrimental religious facets or forces, similar as alligator. The crocodile additionally symolizes crocodile tears, these that are false

CROW – denotes clear messages or straight speak

DACHSHUND (canine) denotes warning towards the tendency to make bodily facets of oneself too vital, a excessive curiosity in materialism

DALMATIAN – (canine) denotes a touring companion, since they’re black and white can characterize the suitable and unsuitable of a state of affairs, the constructive and detrimental sides, the trustworthy and untrue.

DEER – The stag with horns represents rejuvenation, rebirth, and the passage of time. The deer’s antlers characterize the solar’s rays. In China, the deer symbolizes wealth and filial piety. In heraldry, the deer represents gentleness and mildness and lengthy life. In Christianity, the deer striving to succeed in a spring denotes the will of purification by way of baptism. The time period ‘stag’ refers to a gents attending a social celebration with no feminine at his aspect, comparable to a ‘stag celebration’.

DINOSAUR – denotes an amazing state of affairs or a extremely demanding, manipulative particular person The dinosaur represents one’s personal primitive state of being. Killing the beast represents overcoming one’s personal decrease nature.

DOBERMAN PINCHER – (canine) denotes an individual who represents the law-abiding consider one’s life.

DOE – Regardless of the mild look of a doe, it has a demonic attribute in accordance with mythological legends.

DOG – The primary main image is one in all loyalty, vigilance and intelligence. Canine are stated to have the ability to see ‘ghosts’ and thus warn us of invisible risks. A darkish canine can denote detrimental facets in a single’s life, a black canine have been thought to be companions to witches.  Hell-hounds are stated to accompany Devil. Within the Muslim world, the canine is taken into account to be unclean, however a watchdog is tolerated. In historic Mexico, a canine was sacrificed and buried with a lifeless particular person to information it is soul to the afterlife. In China, the canine is the eleventh signal of the Chinese language Zodiac with each constructive and detrimental symbolisms.  A white canine can denote a religious facet and steering that must be adopted ; a sleeping canine reveals one is unaware of what’s going on, a canine pulling a sled is a useful good friend, In a dream, first take a look at the habits of the canine to see whether or not it’s constructive or detrimental as a result of a darkish coloured canine generally is a signal of despair or ferocity as properly. A handy guide a rough little canine can imply a nasty mood. Washing a white canine represents a have to cleanse oneself of a nasty facet of oneself.  -Additionally see separate article on wolf/canine.

DOLPHIN – Dolphins are clever and human-friendly. They’ve been famous to avoid wasting lives. In Estruscan artwork, the dolphin carries the souls of the lifeless to the afterlife.

DONKEY – denotes an impartial character – maybe cussed. It represents procreation and fertility. Additionally it is seemed upon as a ridiculous character. In Christianity, it symbolizes the Gentiles. It was utilized in each the ‘beginning’ and ‘using into Jerusalem’ scenes of Christ. Within the doubting Thomas scene, the donkey represents inadequate religion as donkey’s accompanied him.  

DOVE – denotes a peaceable nature or situation – could also be a spiritual or religious signal from God or a religious information. It represents love and tenderness. It may imply an ‘internal’ initiation, such because the descent of the Holy Ghost as in Matthew 3::16 when Jesus Christ was baptized  Within the Bible, the dove was used to represent the tip of the Flood, and represents the Holy Spirit. It was used at Jesus Baptism, the Annunciation, the Holy Trinity, and divine inspiration. The seven items of the Holy Spirit are represented by seven doves, knowledge, understanding, counsel, fortitude, data, piety, and worry of the Lord. Doves additionally stand for the newly baptized. Doves are additionally proven flying out of the mouths of dying martyrs. The dove is the image for the soul in India. In China, it stands for marital constancy and longevity.  Additionally it is an indication of fertility. The cooing of a dove is preferable to a ‘booing’. We must always converse with a ‘coo’ slightly than with harshness.

DRAGON – characterize the untamed pure world, a violent primeval creature. It represents the bestial factor which should be defeated with energy and self-discipline. The Satanic factor. Nonetheless, within the Occidental world, the dragon is related to happiness, produces the potion of immortality, and represents the primal essence ‘yang’.  It stands for procreation, fertility, exercise, and wards off evil spirits. It’s the fifth signal of the Chinese language zodiac an emblem of the East and the rising solar. Nonetheless, the white dragon represents the West and demise. In Japan, it represents the rain-divinity.

DUCK – denotes religious vulnerability, internal energy maybe not fairly robust sufficient to deal with conditions but

EAGLE – denotes self-confidence, mental freedom, pursuing unconventional ideas or points  The eagle can symbolize the thymus middle of the physique which is expounded to like. In America the eagle stands for freedom with accountability. Additionally it is the image of Mexico. The eagle additionally represents baptism and excessive flying is seen as Christ’s ascension. It is the image of triumph of sunshine over the darker forces.It represents power, renewal, contemplation, acuity of imaginative and prescient, royal bearing, justice. In Freemasonry, the double headed eagle stands for the thirty third Diploma of the Scottish Ceremony. Till the early twentieth Century, it additionally was used within the symbols of Russia, Servia, Austria, the Roman emporer and Germany. In China, the eagle represents energy and energy.  

ELEPHANT – denotes nice, lengthy lasting reminiscence or recollections, also can imply a beneficiant and gregarious nature  It has a picture of nice energy. It denotes intelligence. A white elephant introduced the beginning of Gautama Buddha. The white elephant brings salvation from worldly entanglements. In Hinduism , Ganesha, God of wiring and knowledge typically, has an elephant’s head with with one tusk and rides a mouse. The elephant is the chief of attendants on the God Shiva. It’s a image of victory of life over demise.

FALCON – denotes a religious relationship with greater forces  A educated fowl of prey. The falcon typically has the identical symbolism because the Eagle and Hawk.  Negatively, it may well characterize preying on others to learn oneself. See different particulars within the dream for evaluation

FIREFLY – denotes moments of intense religious illumination

FISH – denotes religious facets or folks in a single’s life, and religious achievements. It was the early Christian signal or image which separated the hostile unbelievers from the believers.It additionally represented the Age of Pisces which started within the yr 7 A.D.  Fishing represents the religious functions of life and man’s seek for the upper consciousness. It additionally represents fertility and the life giving ideas of the maternal. To catch a fish suggests development of the divine self. To catch an unsightly fish my indicate religious weak spot. To have an unsightly fish seem denotes seeing religious weak spot in a state of affairs. To see a frozen fish denotes that one’s religious life is frozen and never used correctly. To see lovely multicolored fish represents the enjoyment and peace in a single’s religious life. The fish represents Christian ideas. Displaying a fish to somebody denotes displaying the Christian ideas to others. Saving a fishes life represents the necessity to save these ideas in oneself. In China, the fish represents happiness and lots. It additionally stands for braveness, energy, and endurance. Pisces is the final signal of the Zodiac.

FLEA – denotes irritations in a single’s life, often in juvenile relationships

FLY – an irritation in a life state of affairs. To swat the flies denotes needing to kill or cease the detrimental irritations. If one concentrates too arduous on the detrimental irritations, one misses the vital or lovely facets of life. Beezelbub is the Lord of the Flies is related to swarming flies. Invincible swarms of flies have been seen as embodiments of demonic powers. Swarms of flies of harbingers of catastrophe, Isaiah 7:18. Flies are predominantly symbols of satanic beings.

FOX – denotes a crafty, trickery, malice, or shrewd particular person. It is reddish coat symbolizes Hearth and was seen as one of many satan’s followers. In historic occasions, the fox was seen as very seductive and an emblem of eroticism. A white fox was the was ridden by the rice god Inari.

FROG – denotes an impaired psychological or bodily situation. In Revelations 16:13, the frog is seen as uncleanliness because the spirits of evil. It may characterize unintelligent and ugly speech. Nonetheless, to a younger boy, dreaming of frogs may present an curiosity within the examine of nature to raised perceive life. Exodus 8:3 reveals frogs as a plague upon one’s home. On the constructive aspect, the frog represents fertility, genesis, and reproductive life. Within the Fairy Story, the kissed frog turns right into a Prince, a terrific transformation. The frog croaking within the mud for sheer pleasure is croaking a hymn of reward to God for the easy reward of life and is a lesson for humanity.

GEESE – denotes of a private need to flee issues

GERBIL – denotes facets of life which are small comforts

GERMAN SHEPHERD – (canine) denotes a useful good friend or situation; besides if canine is threatening

GIRAFFE – denotes a state of affairs the place one is interfering into the affairs of others, can denote a distortion of the picture of self, an excessive amount of distance between coronary heart and head, an excessive amount of emotion and never sufficient cause.

GOAT – The male goat represents lust and vitality. It’s impure, and stinking creature. He has a lot of the devils bodily traits. It additionally was ridden by witches by way of the air. The goat additionally represents “idol Baphomet” of the heretical Knights Templar. It’s the ‘scapegoat’ pushed into the wilderness because the bearer of all of the sinful impurity of youngsters of Israel.  Greeks affiliate the goat with Pan.  The feminine goat represents the nurturing nature. It stands alongside the sheep within the nativity depictions. In Medieval bestiaries, the goat climbs tall mountains.

GOLDEN CALF – denotes detrimental targets and misplaced priorities

GOLDFISH – a spiritually confining state of affairs, or perception

GOOSE – denotes a necessity for extra seriousness in life  Often stands for silly habits or being ‘foolish’. It’s a image for talkative ‘previous folks’. Grey geese space like religious Christians who maintain their distance from the bustle of the world and put on gray sackcloth. White geese resemble town-dwellers giving themselves over to chatter and gossip.

GORILLA – a docile and peaceable nature although low psychological state which could brilliant troublesome actions or circumstances. May stand for emotional dysfunction or gregariousness relying on the encompass particulars of the dream.

HARE – see rabbit –  an emblem of longevity, vigilance, simply frightened, cowardice, self-sacrifice, a trickster determine,passionate sexuality and lust, although the ‘white’ hare seen on the Virgin Mary’s toes is an emblem of the conquer the flesh.

HAWK – denotes acute perceptions, a capability for fast discernment – additionally see eagle.

HEDGEHOG – shrewd, miserly in methods of in search of wealth, loving of it is younger, at all times has two methods out of conditions.

HEN – protecting, endurance, intellectually impoverished, extremely prone to outdoors influences, panic over nothing. Additionally the hen sitting on eggs symbolizes supernatural forces guarding treasures.

HERON – it is look is an effective omen. contented, it is excessive flying serves as a warning of impending dangerous climate. An emblem for the souls of the world, ash-grey is the colour of penitence, white the colour of innocence. It’s a image of Christ on the mount of olives. Additionally it is curious, additionally discretion.

HIPPOPOTAMUS – the constructive image isi that of safety in childbirth, within the detrimental a destroyer of crops, anticipated to return as a hostile, satanic beast within the final days of the earth.

HOG – denotes a bent to take a couple of wants

HORNET – denotes a state of affairs the place one may get ‘stung’. Swatting at one can characterize can denote attempting to cease the detrimental state of affairs.

HORSE – denotes a ‘wild’ nature, may be sexual connotations concerned In historic lore horses typically see visions, hear voices and converse. The horse is able to fast begins however panics simply. The horse has tempestuous feelings.  Goals of horses hanging out blindly are sometimes interpreted as a longing for integration. Within the guide of Revelations there are a sequence of horses in Chapter 6. The white horse can characterize qualities essential to grasp,  steadiness, and management the intercourse life.  Worry of using a white horse an ambivalence of emotions. Seeing 4 white horses represents the purification of the 4 decrease facilities.  To see seven white horses swimming, means that when the religious quest is completed would come energy and life. When balanced, this power brings braveness, persistence, drive, power, and endurance. On the detrimental aspect, the crimson horse often represents harmful, detrimental feelings for ‘crimson’ often means “cease”. The black horse within the guide of Revelations pertains to a crucial steadiness of the female and male qualities of the soul. Using a black horse represents a necessity to manage the energies of the physique, often sexual.  The pale horse represents the thymus gland and represents the affections of affection.  Being halted by horses denotes a necessity to manage and redirect the feelings. Falling off a horse reveals rejection of among the dream warnings. To comply with a horses foottracks represents following Christ’s footsteps.



Hummingbird: messenger, timelessness

Hummingbird – the tiniest of all birds – brings particular messages for us. It’s the solely creature that may cease lifeless whereas touring at full velocity. It can hover, or can go ahead, backward, up or down. It lives on nectar and searches for the sweetness of life. Its lengthy tongue lets it bypass the customarily powerful and bitter outer layer to search out the hidden treasures beneath. Hummingbird is beloved by the flowers and vegetation, for because it sucks the nectar from the flower, the plant reproduces and extra of its form are created. In many traditions, Hummingbird feathers have been prized for his or her nearly magical qualities. It’s stated that Hummingbird brings love as no different drugs can, and its presence brings pleasure to the observer.

When you have Hummingbird drugs, you adapt simply to no matter state of affairs it’s possible you’ll end up in, and benefit from your new circumstances. You do not waste time wanting again and wishing for “what was” for you’re involved with benefiting from “what’s”. Additionally, you may by no means change into hooked on any synthetic stimulants, for you discover pleasure in your personal coronary heart. You are taking nice pleasure in spreading pleasure and love and wonder to all round you, and have the reward of taking that internal pleasure into new and totally different environment. You have got a expertise for locating the great in folks, and will not be postpone by a gruff or abrupt exterior, for you already know that, when you can solely get past that powerful outdoors layer, you may discover goodness and wonder inside. You could have a present for working with flowers, possibly rising them to share with others, or utilizing flower essences for therapeutic. Aroma remedy could also be your calling. You have got excessive power and a spirit that should be free. To limit that great, free, loving power is to endure nice depressions and emotions of uselessness. Hummingbird should fly free looking for magnificence, spreading pleasure and like to all it touches.

HYENA – denotes an absence of seriousness or vicious nature, avarice, one who waits for the leftovers as a substitute of being aggressive in a state of affairs. An unclean scavenger. Jeremiah 12:9 say that it’s best to likewise not be like the hyena, loving now the male, now the feminine nature (a warning towards gay tendencies). Within the olden days, the looks of the hyena in a dream portended the beginning of a sexually malformed little one. The pinnacle of the hyena is without doubt one of the seven headed beast within the E book of Revelations, one in all the seven vices.

IBIS – denotes a religious esoteric facet to spirituality. Nonetheless, for the Jews, it’s an unclean animal.  Job 38:36 quoting God, “Who hath given the ibis knowledge and the Rooster perception?” The ibis eats lifeless fish and feeds it to it is younger; devouring lethal deeds and even feeding it is kids.

IRISH SETTER – (canine) denotes nervousness and lack of deal with a state of affairs

JACKAL – denotes a predatory nature

JACKASS – denotes a character trait

KANGAROO – denotes overprotectiveness, or jumpiness, also can denote lengthy endurance

KITTEN – denotes an innocence of character, could point out a sense of helplessness with others in a state of affairs

LADYBUG – denotes an irritating state of affairs in a single’s life

LAMB – often denotes a reference to Jesus Christ or God, sacrificed by the Israelites to flee the tenth plague that God meted out to Egypt for refusing to let Moses and his folks go. (Exodus 11-12) Christ, seeks lambs who’ve gone astray. John 1:29 quotes John the Baptist calling Christ…the lamb of God. Rev: 14:1 refers back to the triumphant lamb. The Easter Lamb is the flag of victory over demise.

LEECH – denotes a freeloader, one who lacks self-respect and accountability

LEMMING – denotes an individual who at all times follows and doesn’t comply with one’s personal path, an absence of individuality

LEOPARD – denotes a bent of resistance to

LICE – denotes lack of cleanliness of the particular person, or emotional or psychological or religious negativity

LION – denotes a energy of character,  navy valor, great power, effortlessly masterful, and dominion,  could point out the “Lion” of God,. It may characterize the victory of human mind over it is animal nature. It may also be detrimental and denote a braggart,  a roaring lion can denote anger and mood – Nonetheless, the golden coloration can characterize the good aspect of the person.  Being eaten by a lion represents being eaten alive by one’s personal dangerous mood.  see dream state of affairs surrounding the animal. In symbolizes Leo, (July 23 – Aug 23) , the fifth signal of the Zodiac, it is planet is the Solar. Folks born underneath Leo are thus photo voltaic in nature. Folks born underneath Leo are stated to be pure leaders, clever, magnanimous. A lion may be one excessive or the opposite, both an emblem of the satan whom Christ overcomes, or a mannequin for a hero.

LIZARD – denotes an absence of scruples. symbolizes demise adopted by resurrection. It additionally symbolizes security and welfare as a result of it may well lose it is tail and regenerate it.

LOCUST – seen as a feared plague, the embodiment of divine retribution. The locust is Christ’s comrade within the battle towards the heathen. It symbolizes Christ resurrected. Swarms of them are taken as a sign that the order of the cosmos had been disturbed.

LOON – denotes psychological or emotional confusion

LOUSE – can denote a character trait, or a detrimental state of affairs or particular person

LYNX – acuity of imaginative and prescient, fast cleverness, psychological alertness.

MAGGOT – denotes a self-serving character who beneficial properties from the efforts of others

MAGPIE – denotes talkativeness, ‘chatterbox’. In China the magpie is thought of ‘good luck.’ It is cry is believed to announce ‘excellent news’. It is the embodiment of ‘yang’, the fowl of happiness and luck, marital bliss.

MALAMUTE – (canine) denotes a good friend or one that can ease one’s burden or hasten progress alongside a life path

MOCKINGBIRD – denotes an absence of individualized expression  related with mockery, such an individual committing adultery make a mockery of their marriage vows. Seeing a mockingbird could denote a rebuke within the type of this fowl.

MOLE – signifies an absence of communication; fearing actuality. I lives in the darkish and is afraid of sunshine. It represents avarice as a result of it lives on it is personal physique fats.

MONARCH BUTTERFLY – denotes perseverance, a change in spirituality,

MONKEY – immaturity or lack of individuality. Asian sculptures of three monkeys present them with their arms over their mouth, eyes, and ears which is an indication of ‘evil’. In Japan, these similar three monkeys are denoted by the phrase “saru”, which suggests each ‘monkey’ and ‘not do’ thus symbolizing aware abstinence from evil.

MOSQUITO – denotes short-term irritations in a single’s every day life

MOUSE – can denote a detrimental facet in a single’s life. Mice can characterize the little irritations in life. Seeing lifeless mice however not cleansing them up can denote refusal to let detrimental feelings go. They’re stated to have demonic and prophetic powers. Their squeaking and footsteps are taken as portents of storms. In goals a mouse may embody the soul of the dreamer and as such depart the physique after which return to it. The worst factor they do is unfold pestilence. They’re related symbolically with satanic demons and with all powers hostile to humanity. In goals, the mouse typically represents the feminine intercourse organ to younger males. Within the constructive facet, the mouse is seen as if of as analogous to the soul.  See the Mouse story article for a constructive facet of the mouse  

MUD TURTLE – denotes a detrimental character trait of near-constant confusion and withdrawal from conditions

MULE – denotes a cussed character, however impartial, a reluctance to be persuaded to a different’s concepts

MUSKRAT – denotes a repulsive angle, an aversion

NIGHTINGALE – a plaintive mom, symbolizes the human objective of manufacturing really melodious language. The title of the fowl stands for poetry or music. The mother and father patiently train their younger to sing. It’s a good omen. Some, nevertheless, interpret it is cry as a cry for assist from a ‘poor soul in purgatory’ or a plaintive warning of an impending demise. It additionally symbolizes acts of charity being rewarded.

OCTOPUS – symbolizes the spirits of the Underworld and mysterious otherworldly forces.

OSTRICH – It is feather symbolizes the Egyptian Goddess Maat. The eggs symbolize the virginity of Mary. It’s nevertheless, an emblem of non secular hypocrisy, who give the looks of holiness, however don’t act holy.

OWL – denotes knowledge, an emblem of information, heightened observational expertise, introspective, brooding, can see at the hours of darkness, developed consciousness, excessive religious enlightenment It may additionally imply to make use of extra judgment in a life state of affairs. Within the detrimental, it represents nocturnal “furtive’ habits, solitude, silent flight, a plaintive ‘harbinger of demise’ cry, and symbolize a turning away from religious gentle. In China the owl is a harbinger of misfortune, however it’s the sacred animal of the rain-god it symbolizes a demonic nightcreature and regarded an evil omen.  

OXEN – denotes overwork, pulling tougher than crucial. A picture of affected person servitude and peaceable energy.

OYSTER – denotes internal fears or something new, withdrawing from interplay with others

PANTHER – denotes warning is critical. A savage and crafty animal. has superior combating braveness of the feminine. Within the constructive, it has a gorgeous voice, it symbolizes Christ. The Panther is alleged to maintain the diabolical dragon away.  A black panther is taken into account particularly harmful.

PARAKEET – an absence of analytical religious pondering, denoting the ‘love’ fowl may imply a relationship that’s caged in and must be freed.

PARROT – denotes the lack to suppose for oneself, repeats solely what others say. It’s a image of babbling people.

PEACOCK – denotes vanity of habits  Stands for self-love. It is a constructive image of the Solar. Within the Mid-east, the Kurds view the fowl as a messenger of the God. For Muslims, it symbolizes the cosmos or the solar and the moon. He symbolizes renewal and resurrection. It represents religious rebirth. The detrimental symbols are that’s struts about, prides himself on his look and gazes haughtily about. See Proverbs 16:18, “Delight goeth earlier than destruction.”

PEGASUS – (The flying Horse) symbolically is represents vitality and the energy of the horse, and with weightlessness because it flies like a fowl. It symbolizes the indomitable poetic spirit overcoming the impediments of the world.

PELICAN – symbolizes the sacrificial demise of Christ, selfless striving for purification. It’s related to the Rosicrucian diploma of the Scottish system of Free-masonry.

PHEASANT – denotes a religious seeker. On the detrimental aspect, it symbolizes flooding, immorality, or seduction, and supernatural calamity.

PHOENIX – denotes the utmost examples of spirituality, a character who bounces again from adversity, refuses to be defeated  In Mythology, the fowl had a lifetime of 500 years.As a result of it’s consumed in hearth solely to rise from the ashes, it represents resurrection and immortality. It may imply the harbinger of religious rebirth. Within the American Indian custom, the Phoenix is beginning to rise now for the destruction/recreation means of the earth.

PIG – denotes one who takes a couple of wants. Primarily an emblem of uncleanliness. Nevertheless it represents fertility and prosperity in cultures of  antiquity. In China, the pig is the twelfth and final signal of the Zodiac, symbolizing manly energy. Pigs are thought of unclean by the Egyptians, however not as strenuously because the Jews and Muslims. The pig is an emblem of ignorance and voracious appetitite, in addition to an emblem utilized in mockery of Judaism. The pig is often the ‘booby’ prize for coming in final in contests. Dreaming of a pig often denotes luck coming one’s means.

PORCUPINE – denotes a a bent to unconsciously defend oneself in acquiring one’s personally targets. This particular person irritates others, instinctively defending towards new concepts, relationships, or conditions

PORPOISE – denotes religious steering, or humanitarian nature

PRAYING MANTIS – denotes one who’s a religious hypocrite

PYTHON – denotes a suffocating character or state of affairs

RABBIT – denotes bodily or sexual obsessive preoccupation which leaves no room for religious improvement. A rabbit additionally denotes quiet endurance of 1’s ache. A white rabbit can symbolize the awakening of spirit or a image for Easter and resurrection. A prolific rabbit can symbolize the facility of the sexual emotions.  See dream environment for evaluation

RABBIT EARS – denotes one’s private religious antenna

RACCOON – denotes an industrious character

RACEHORSE – competitiveness, a need to be higher or sooner than others, a need to get forward of others.

RAM – The male sheep is the primary of the 12 indicators of the Zodiac and stands for Aries (March 21 – April 20) A Hearth signal. These born underneath Aries are stated to be aggressive, robust oriented towards progress, however to squander love and power. It’s a wild image of the inventive forces of nature, however extra linked with issues of the mind. Within the Bible, the ram was the substitute for ‘human’ sacrifice.

RAT – a detrimental character, or diseased factor in a single’s life  Assume the phrase ‘dis-ease’ when seeing a rat. Feeling worry of rats in a dream can symbolize acknowledging detrimental facets of oneself. It steadily represents Devil, the tempter and captor of souls. The rat is the mount of Ganesha, the elephant-headed god of studying. In Japan, the rat is the companion of the god of fine fortune. In China, a miser is known as a ‘cash rat’.

RAVEN – denotes watchfulness and recognition of religious lies  A reminder of God’s love and the flexibility of God to satisfy all of man’s emergencies. See Kings 17:4 the place Elijah was fed by the ravens.  To an Englishman, the raven can stand for self-survival or the British Empire and the continuity of the UK. Nonetheless in Edgar Allen Poe’s novel, the raven stood for fatalism and despair. The raven represents those that are so caught up in worldly pleasures that they maintain laying aside their conversion. It’s a harbinger of misfortune, illness, warfare, and demise.

ROBIN – denotes a rebirth of concepts or spirit  Denotes the approaching of Spring, a brand new starting, a brand new alternative, or a brand new beginning of self. It additionally pertains to endurance comparable to when he waits for the worm to emerge from the bottom for his meals.

ROOSTER – denotes an awakening of concepts or spirituality. Negatively, the rooster is cocky and suggests aggressiveness. See different dream particulars for evaluation.

SAINT BERNARD – (canine) a useful good friend  and information

SALAMANDER – the flexibility to merge or mix the religious life with and by way of every day life, this can be a constructive image  

SALMON – denotes one goes towards the circulate of religious life, or a religious search that’s in error for one’s private path

SCARAB BEETLE – denotes one’s soul, the internal self and of renewal and resurrection.

SCORPION – denotes an individual who will retaliate if crossed. In a detrimental conditions, one also can sting oneself within the aftermath.Within the Bible it denotes demonic powers. In Astrology, the scorpion is the eight signal of the zodiac, (October 23 – November 21). It is signal is ruled by the planet Mars. Scorpio is related to male sexuality, destruction, the occult, the magical, illumination, therapeutic, and resurrection. It’s an ambivalent signal, a supply of change, an emblem of the triumph of life over demise.

SEA HORSE – denotes a religious search or perception that could be a fantasy slightly than actuality

SEAL – denotes the usage of religious beliefs in a single’s every day life

SEASHELL – denotes religious items. To see complete and damaged seashells, one is wanting on the good and dangerous conditions in a single’s life.

SEA SLUG – religious laziness

SEA SNAIL – gradual and methodical religious tempo

SEA TURTLE – cautious religious search or path

SHEEP – denotes lack of individuality. See Ram and Ewe. The ewe is seen as silly and innocent. The ram is seen as energy, vitality, and unwavering willpower. Within the lamb, the symbolism is innocence

SHELLFISH – denotes the try to study as many religious facets as doable

SHETLAND PONY – denotes one is concealing private energy

SHRIMP – denotes the educational of refined religious facets

SKUNK – – an individual with a robust desiree for justice to prevail

SLOTH – denotes a lazy particular person, warns towards procrastination

SLUG – a gradual shifting, maybe not doing all one can in a state of affairs, lazy

SNAIL – denotes a gradual, cautious angle. It represents the resurrection of Christ and it is harmonically shaped spiral shell. They’re thought of self-sufficient as a result of they carry round their very own homes and has all it is personal belongings with it each second.

SNAKE – a non-poisonous snake denotes cleverness, continuing with discernment, see mythology for additional definitions

SNAKE – a toxic snake can relate to an individual who will assault or retaliate with vengeance, can relate to temptation or evil, although as in India, it also can characterize knowledge, it may well characterize sneakiness or treachery such as a ‘snake within the grass’, being bitten by a snake can characterize harmful feelings or conditions the place one holds or expresses toxic ideas or feelings. The serpent denotes the suitable or unsuitable ideas, the knowledge of realizing the distinction.

SNAPPING TURTLE – an individual who will retaliate in a detrimental state of affairs

SPARROW – denotes a delicate nature of an mental particular person

SPIDER – can denote a conniving particular person, or a private protecting measure. Can denote weaving an online or lure oneself is falling into. It could relate to a latest indiscretion, a warning towards a temptation or behavior. See the opposite facets of the dream to see the state of affairs one is coping with. See additionally mythology for the constructive traits

SQUIRREL – detrimental connotation – scurries backwards and forwards telling tales, elusive.

STALLION HORSE – denotes uncontrolled energy, often sexual extra, a have to comprise  and direct one’s energies

STORK – though an unclean fowl, it symbolizes Christ and his disciples who destroyed satanic creatures within the northern latitudes and returned each spring was linked to Easter and the resurrection. It represents fertility and creation. In China it represents longevity. Within the Netherlands it brings luck. It’s a image of meditation and contemplation. It is beak represents the phallus.

SWALLOW – denotes punctuality, a harbinger of spring, and resurrection. Nonetheless, it has the speech of a barbarian. It’s the attribute of the love goddess Aphrodite. It additionally represents the connection between an older and youthful brother.

SWAN – denotes a private religious nature of grace, inherent religious essence, purity, and ensuing items. It supposedly foresees impending demise and emits extraordinary cries at it is personal demise.   The demise of the swan within the ballet “Swan Lake” symbolizes the lack of the girl’s gracious qualities to jealousy. As a result of it has black flesh it’s also an emblem of hypocrisy.

TADPOLE – denotes religious immaturity

TIGER – denotes an aggressive nature, emotionally erratic, an excessively extreme nature. denotes one’s personal shortcomings and a have to re-evaluate oneself. It’s the third signal of the Zodiac in China. It has vitality and power. In China it’s equated with a quarrelsome lady. Nonetheless, it has nice maternal instincts.

TUNA – denotes religious generosity

TURKEY – denotes a sign of promise of acquisition of meals , clothes, and work

TURTLE – the detrimental facet is a worry of going through accountability or actuality. Can characterize lengthy life as a result of turtles dwell a very long time. Quiet energy,. In China it carries the world on it is again. It’s a image of fertility and unwavering vitality, and nice endurance.  

UNICORN – denotes actual prospects, the reaches of actuality. therapeutic powers, mind and sexuality. In China it stands for happiness and blessedness.

VULTURE – denotes grasping and aggressive people, often with overeating. They’re thought of prophetic as a result of they adopted marching armies and appeared at all times three days earlier than a terrific battle. It symbolizes the Virgin Mary as a result of it doesn’t sit on it is personal eggs.

WALRUS – denotes religious righteousness

WASP – signifies stinging occasions in life

WEASEL – an individual who does cowardly act

WEEVIL – denotes detrimental components that may destroy an individual’s pure talents. These are often jealousy, egotism, and so forth.

WHALE – signifies religious generosity, a giving, compassionate particular person. It’s a image of the resurrection of the lifeless.

WOLF – a darkish, detrimental impression denotes a intelligent and evasive particular person, infers self-interest. A white wolf signifies a religious information.  It’s an omen of victory, however represents the forces of Devil. In China it stands for greed and cruelty. It represents  the diabolical enemy that threatens the flock of the trustworthy.  It pretends to be lame earlier than it assaults. They fake to be completely harmless and innocent however their hearts are filled with deceit. A human ‘wolf’ relentlessly pursues massive numbers of ladies for sexual gratification. It symbolizes crafty, treachery and gratification. In a dream it symbolizes prowling the panorama of the psyche, representing untamed exterior energies. It may, nevertheless, be educated to co-exist with people. It represents alert warning. See separate article for extra particulars of the wolf’s traits.

WORM – denotes an interference forcing one’s means into affairs of every day life. To see a worm in some type of meals is a warning towards that kind of meals or the food regimen typically. Relate it to one thing you simply ate the day earlier than.

ZEBRA – represents the duality of fine/evil, proper/unsuitable polarity of life’s occasions



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