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Character Listing

The Animals

MajorAn outdated boar whose speech concerning the evils perpetrated by people rouses the animals into rebelling. His philosophy in regards to the tyranny of Man is known as Animalism by his followers. He additionally teaches the music “Beasts of England” to the animals.

Snowball A boar who turns into one of many insurrection’s most beneficial leaders. After drawing difficult plans for the development of a windmill, he’s chased off of the farm perpetually by Napoleon’s canines and thereafter used as a scapegoat for the animals’ troubles.

Napoleon A boar who, with Snowball, leads the insurrection towards Jones. After the insurrection’s success, he systematically begins to regulate all elements of the farm till he’s an undisputed tyrant.

Squealer A porker pig who turns into Napoleon’s mouthpiece. All through the novel, he shows his means to control the animals’ ideas via using hole but convincing rhetoric.

Boxer A devoted however dimwitted horse who aids within the constructing of the windmill however is offered to a glue-boiler after collapsing from exhaustion.

Mollie A useless horse who prefers ribbons and sugar over concepts and insurrection. She is ultimately lured off the farm with guarantees of a cushty life.

Clover A motherly horse who silently questions a few of Napoleon’s selections and tries to assist Boxer after his collapse.

Benjamin A cynical, pessimistic donkey who frequently undercuts the animals’ enthusiasm along with his cryptic comment, “Donkeys reside a very long time.”

Moses A tame raven and sometimes-pet of Jones who tells the animals tales a couple of paradise known as Sugarcandy Mountain.

Bluebell, Jessie, and Pincher Three canines. The 9 puppies born between Jessie and Bluebell are taken by Napoleon and raised to be his guard canines.

The People

Mr. Jones The customarily-drunk proprietor of Manor Farm, later expelled from his land by his personal animals. He dies in an inebriates’ dwelling after abandoning his hopes to reclaim his farm.

Mrs. Jones Jones’ spouse, who flees from the farm when the animals insurgent.

Mr. Whymper A solicitor employed by Napoleon to behave as an middleman in Animal Farm’s buying and selling with neighboring farms.

Mr. Pilkington The proprietor of Foxwood, a neighboring and uncared for farm. He ultimately sells a few of his land to Napoleon and, within the novel’s ultimate scene, toasts to Napoleon’s success.

JonesMr. Frederick An enemy of Pilkington and proprietor of Pinchfield, one other neighboring farm. Identified for “driving onerous bargains,” Frederick swindles Napoleon by shopping for timber from him with counterfeit cash. He later tries to assault and seize Animal Farm however is defeated.


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