8 Milk Tea Recipes You Just Have to Try

8 Milk Tea Recipes You Just Have to Try

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How have you been enjoying your milk tea? Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newbie interested in trying out a few new drinks, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the milk tea recipes we have for you. 

Milk is one of the most popular coffee and tea additives in the world. Due to its natural sugars (known as lactose), it adds sweetness. Milk with fat in it (e.g., whole milk, half and half, cream, and 2% milk) can also add body and richness to tea.

Generally speaking, milk tea is made with a base of black tea. These tend to be bold Assam teas and Ceylon teas rather than the self-drinkers from Qimen, Darjeeling, and Nilgiri. Milk tea can also be made with other types of tea, such as the popular matcha green tea.

From Indian masala chai to Hong Kong milk tea to British-style milk tea, here are some of the many ways to enjoy milk tea.


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