44 Poems for You by Sarah Ruhl

I intend to offer you a lot bowls


I intend to offer you a lot bowls.
For apples and free change.

What would go well with you
higher than a bowl.

Spherical with primacy,
place for holding.

You aren’t spherical
like a girl
however you’ve gotten extra
roundness than most males.


In Korea,
each day a girl
prays for her son to come back

Her prayer:

On daily basis she places clear water
in a bowl.

She positioned it within the backyard.


I’ll deposit mild while you’re absent.
Figs. Water. Unchurched compounds.
Tithes and dithyrambs. Gentle.


A bowl.

The place a mom
retains a son for safe-keeping.

A bowl.

Fugue on the
pre-eminence of corners.

A bowl.

of repeated silence.

A bowl.

One thing to eat
and light-weight is altering.

A bowl.

The place I hold
my physique when my head is raining.

A bowl.

Two cupped palms
fabricated from clay.



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