2021 Ford F-150 Raptor Teased in New Video

We are not up to every week out from the debut of the next-gen 2021 Ford F-150 Raptor, and the anticipation is killing us. Luckily, Ford continues to chum the waters with this briefest of sneak-peeks, which Ford CEO Jim Farley posted to his Twitter account.

Now we have in the past proven you leaked pictures and sketches of the F-150 Raptor’s entrance finish, which obviously display the original grille with huge F-O-R-D lettering, bulging fenders, and bespoke decrease fascia. The fast preview video displays us what the lighting fixtures will seem like. The 2021 F-150‘s white inquisitive-eyebrow DRLs are redone in yellow, and the 3 clearance-style lighting at the vanguard of the hood are bracketed by way of two extra at the fender extensions. We love the brand new trend—it is paying homage to each the brand new F-150 and the outgoing Raptor, however it is usually unique.

In fact, what we are actually keen to understand is what is going on at the back of the grille and between the ones fender arches. We await that Ford will apply a lot of the similar method because the outgoing Raptor, with a much wider monitor, taller flooring clearance, and shocks and comes stout sufficient for the truck to continue to exist a fall from a three-story development, all enhanced with each and every ultimate little bit of automatic goodness that the Ford Efficiency engineers can muster.

In fact, the sunshine of information will quickly blast away the darkness of lack of information. Ford will divulge the brand new F-150 Raptor on Wednesday, February 3, and you’ll be able to wager your tailgate we’re going to publish all of the knowledge in an instant.

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